Character Details
Tait Geijer
Tait Geijer as Zoran Sand
Name: Zoran Sand
Aliases: The Honey Star
Faction: Dorne
Organization: House Dayne
Occupation: Noble
Rank: Bastard
Age: Jun 26 103 (18)


Here stands a young man, looking to be in his late teen and about 5'10, with a wiry, lanky, and thin build. He has a pale, ivory complexion and is visably flawless due to lack of rough training. From first look some couldn't actually tell that he is Dornish as he lacks the olive skin tone that is so popular down there, favoring the traits of House Dayne and the Reach more. He does have pale slivery blond hair that is combed neatly over his ears almost reaching his eyebrows. Instead of purple (like most Daynes) his eyes are a cloudy grayish green and often look around contemplating his surroundings. As for his face, he has a straight nose, a narrow jaw, high cheekbones and rather full almost pouty lips.

The Dornishman wears fine flowing purple and white Dornish silks that looks slightly out of place with his looks. These robes are loose, and secured at his waist by a black leather belt and include rich intricate patterns. Pinned to his chest is a shooting star and on his feet are a pair of black leather boots in prefect condition.


During a small feast held at Starfall to improve relations with some members of the Reach (Lord Lyman Beesbury and his family primarily), the Lord Dayne had a small affair with Lord Lymans youngest daughter, named Elizabeth. The whole thing was brief, almost like a one night stand, but that didnt stop Lord Beesbury from being enraged. He left the Dayne hall with the intent of never coming back again. Sadly the result of this ended up with a child. Elizabeth wasnt exactly a maiden when she met the Lord Dayne so she wasnt sure who was the father of the baby when she was pregnant. But when she saw her newborns sliver hair she knew that the Dayne blood was in the boy. And so was birth of Zoran, a boy born a bastard. Already at a much bigger disadvantage than the rest of the world.

At the beginning of his childhood he loved his mother dearly and rarely left her side. Strangely this ended up with him being raised slightly in the way of a noble women as he was taught to sing and dance. This and the fact that he was a bastard resulted in him being bullied in his youth. Truly he didnt mind, but when these conflicts got more violent Zoran found himself outmatched. Because of this, he has always been very cautious (even cynical) about who he hangs around. Other than those minor things, hes childhood was mostly content and joyful.

Then things got more complicated. Lord Lyman wasnt happy with the way Zoran was progressing even if he was just a bastard. The Master of Coin (Lyman) brought the teen with him to Kings Landing in order to learn about politics and intrigue. Even though Zoran wasnt necessarily happy with this change, he excelled at the tasks ahead of him becoming a great political noble. With the way he carried himself he wouldnt even look like a bastard at all. Then the wise Lord Beesbury decided it was time to work on combat training for the teen. He was considerably weaker than the others and they bullied him often. The cautious side of him reappeared, but this time he used it in fighting. So after that he did his very best not to get touched in combat because of the fearful memories from his past. Overall he is not very aggressive in combat, but he is hard opponent to hit.

After Lord Lyman thought the young mans training was sufficient enough he sent him back to his mother in Honeyholt. Unfortunately the mother and son only had a few days together before an unknown illness killed Elizabeth. This was a tragic for Zoran as his mother was one of the only people he loved. Lord Lyman took this as an opportunity to send the young man back to Dorne. He sent a letter to the Lord Dayne and he reluctantly decided to take Zoran back in. This reunion lasted a very short time as the Lord soon died. Unlike his half brother, Zoran truly had nowhere to go when his father died and could not run from the new Lady Regent. Luckily his half sister was actually fond of Zoran and persuaded her mother to let him stay. He even managed to make the Lady Regent herself sort of like him. So he was able to live in Starfall for most of his teenage life with his half sister and the Lady Dayne, but after that he got bored of his new home and with the help of the Lady Dayne he was allowed to go to Oldtown with a wealthy allowance from the Regent and her daughter.


  • Technically speaking, Zoran is a bastard and one that hasn't been legitimized at that. Truly 'Lord' should not be in his title. Due to both his parents being of noble birth and his grandfather's high rank in Westeros, nobles often refer him as one simply to be polite.

RP Hooks

  • Member of House Beesbury or the Reach? Zoran would likely know you if not be well acquainted.
  • From Starfall? While Zoran is not as familiar with Dorne as the Reach, he might have met you.


  • Attractive
  • Cautious
  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Bastard Born
  • Magnificent Voice

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