Lady Zerina Blackmont
Gemma Arterton
Gemma Arterton as Zerina Blackmont
Name: Zerina Blackmont
Aliases: Zeri
Faction: Dorne
Organization: House Blackmont
Occupation: Noblewoman
Rank: Noble Lady
Age: Feb 25 102 (19)


A young woman of fairly average height standing at about five foot seven inches tall. Rich dark brown hair reaches down to her butt when left loose but is currently pulled up out of the way in an elaborate braided updo and fastened with golden pins. Skin of a light olive tone is smooth and clear, her features both attractive and exotic. Gently curved brown brows arch over warm honey colored eyes framed by thick dark lashes. Those eyes are outlined by a hint of black liner around their edges and a hint of grey dust accents her eyelids as well. Her face is gently rounded with high cheekbones and full cheeks and full rosy pink lips. Her jaw curves to a slight point and then leads down to a long and slender neck. She wears a Dornish styled robe of ivory with a golden sash about her waist. The robe is embroidered along the edges and sleeves with an elegant pattern of red and golden thread. The sleeves are long and wide with the robe itself reaching down to her ankles where a pair of simple dyed golden sandals wrap around her ankles and protect her feet.


Zerina Blackmont is the youngest daughter of a family with four sons and no other daughters. Her family are cousins of the main line of the Blackmonts and her brothers all trained as knights like thier father before them. As the only girl Zerina was well protected and somewhat sheltered from the harshness of the world. The young woman had a sharp mind and an even more striking appearance. She was reserved and yet extremely loyal to those close to her. She studied healing from a young age and her talent was exceptional. As she grew many seemed eager to marry her but then the healer that served as her teacher traveled to Oldtown for the Trial of the Seven. Zerina went with him to help and offer comfort where she could. Her father seemed to understand his daughters need to see more of the world and allowed this sending her youngest brother along with her for extra protection.

RP Hooks

  • Skilled Healer
  • Enjoys Reading
  • Likes to go Hunting and Riding
  • Student of the Bow
  • Has a Sweet Tooth


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Reserved
  • Loyal
  • Exotic Beauty

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