Character Details
Carey Mulligan
Carey Mulligan as Ylsa Ladybright
Name: Ylsa Ladybright
Aliases: Ylly
Faction: Dorne
Organization: House Ladybright
Occupation: Courtier
Rank: Minor Noble Lady
Age: Jul 2 103 (19)



If that's not the first word that comes into mind when viewing this young Dornish woman, then it's likely to be something similar. Appearances can be somewhat deceptive, however; she is certainly willowy and possessed of a youthful demeanour, but stands a less-than-dwarfish five and a half feet tall. Her limbs are long and slender, her motions marked by an easy grace and a sense of self-possession belonging to a much more imposing woman.

Despite this, it's all too easy to be disarmed by Ylsa's decidely-elfin features. There's a timeless quality to the gentle curves of cheek and jaw, the faint upturn of her nose, the thin bow of her lips and bushy twin arches of her brow all conspiring to make this energetic little creature look anywhere from four years younger to an equal set older than her nigh-twenty years. Her smile carries with it a pair of cheeky dimples, her frown the determined glower of a child denied a much-desired toy. There's ever a gleam of mirthful wisdom in those dark eyes, however, as if at any time she might be all too aware of the events unfolding - and just as capable of laughing at their pomposity…

Habitually she wears her fine, sun-kissed brown hair pulled back into a loose ponytail, framing her pale cheeks - too pale, perhaps, were one to wonder at her ancestry - with lightly-curled sweeps of that Dornish finery. Her clothing is simple but generally in good taste, at least when she's at court, all soft light cloth and pleasantly-pastel lace. A woven gown is most common, the curtain of a summer's breeze draped over her slim body to flap at her heels, where she sports leather sandals of no particular import. When not beneath a warming shawl, her arms are mostly bare, and those searching for signs of the tomboy within can spot the tracing of fine-corded muscle on pale skin.

Those wondering about small packages and what may be contained within should look no further than Ylsa Ladybright, though she herself would be the first to protest such a classification. 'Small' is entirely relative, anyway, and let no onlooker forget it - casual or otherwise!


Were she born of a more influential house, Ylsa might be considered quite a remarkable scion; House Ladybright are, sadly, relative bottom-feeders within Dorne. The second cousin of the household head, daughter of a Ladybright lord and his northern bride, Ylsa was handpicked from her youth for as fine an education as her family could afford. Startingly bright, and an avid study, the girl would spend long hours in the library and in focused training with her several mentors.

Her interest would only begin to wane when discussing the finer points of courtly etiquette or the more practical skills befitting a young woman; an issue that would only exacerbate once her younger brother began to train for the battlefield. Seemingly besotted with roughhousing, the otherwise-intellectual tomboy took to returning with scrapes and bruises ill-fitting her intended station. Several arranged suitors were swiftly put off from closing the deal - or at the least, their parents were - and her own parents slowly turned to despair. Though graceful and pleasant of demeanour, and certainly pretty (if rather off-puttingly childish as she failed to grow into the more alluring curves of womanhood), Ylsa was all too insistent on forging her own path through the world.

Literally, as it turned out. Herself despairing that she'd ever find a match fitting her own ambitions, it was frustration that she took out upon the muddy training ground with her sibling, and not the longing for boyhood that her fretting guardians feared. Quietly, she continued to guide her own studies, developing a flair for calligraphy that extended to a profound ability to recognise and ape the penstrokes of others. Able to forge to perfection even the most priceless work to be found in the libraries of her home, the canny girl was quick to find a means of applying her talent.

Thus began a correspondence with the greater Houses of Dorne, ostensibly on the part of her father, beseeching them for a position at court. Such things take time, and Ylsa continued to hone her talents both through the letters themselves and elsewhere, continuing to shape her gifts - most notable among them a highly-refined eye for detail and a strong talent for dextrous manipulation - and pursue what other skills she believed may be useful at court. She found herself a particular natural in the game of Cyvasse, and was able to learn much of courtly life by challenging visiting nobles to the pursuit. The young Ladybright, all too determined to excel in the cutthroat world of politics, made a study of several darker avenues as well; the arts of misdirection, of pickpocketing and poisoning - assassin's tools, to be sure, but a keen mind is prepared for any eventuality.

Within the year her time would come, her 'father's' eloquent missives finding purchase amongst a cadre of better-placed nobles who, perhaps, could even see through the girl's ruse. Without - to her knowledge - revealing the deception, she adequately extolled her own virtues to seem like a most useful agent within the perpetual Game, and was provided passage to the court of Oldtown.

As a representative of Dorne, she is positioned amongst vipers with the advantage, perhaps, of being a relatively-unknown player. Her allegiances are her own, her interests free to develop until such time as her still rather mysterious benefactor(ess?) decides to make their own play. Ylsa trusts her own judgement completely, and would be nowhere else, for the time being.

RP Hooks

See quirks for now, plenty more to come! Or just dive in and see what you get!


Ambitious Don't believe all that your eyes tell you; as sweet and innocent as she appears, Ylsa Ladybright is bound and determined to get ahead at any cost. Just how far she'll go remains to be seen…
Avid Schemer The similarly-political and upwardly-mobile could do worse than try to suck this girl into their schemes. She can't resist controversy and intrigue, and may not be quite as clever as she presumes.
Innocent Features Make no mistake, it's hard to cry foul on a face like that and have the court believe you. Disarmingly cute, Ylsa can seem as frail as a butterfly and less than likely to cause harm to her own kind.
Tomboy Beyond the slender limbs and dimpled cheeks, or even the cloak-and-dagger political scheming, Ylsa likes to play in the dirt from time to time. More of a bruiser than anyone might believe, this might damage her reputation as a lady - though, perhaps, it makes her just a little bit more dangerous to boot…
Wealth: Hard Times House Ladybright is not known for their wealth, and Ylsa's position at court is all the weaker for it. Just why is she so desperate to get ahead, and how easily incentivized is she?
Witty Banter An eye for an eye, a barb for a barb! Ylsa is quite the precocious brat, and likes to engage in wordplay - biting, philosophical, or both. Outplaying her might be tricky, but could be surprisingly rewarding.

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Or Nobody - Or something inbetween.



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Notes on Tone

I'm incredibly liberal and for the most part, anything goes so long as it's characterful and orchestrated with maturity. You don't need to ask my permission to enact violence and there's no need to regulate language or tone provided others in the scene are agreeable; I absolutely accept that IC is IC and bad things happen - especially when playing a manipulative and antagonistic character, which Little Miss Ladybright can certainly be. I'm cool with mild 'twinking' too. If your pose works more coherently with an assumed upper-arm grab or a knife against the throat, just go for it. So long as I get the same respect, it's all fine and lovely.

In terms of sexuality, I'm similarly game. However, as I said above, IC is IC. Don't expect me to treat you differently or give you exclusive rights to RP just because things go a certain way. This hobby is all about creative writing to me, and in portraying a character I'm doing nothing more than composing stories from a single narrative viewpoint. The added thrill of MUing is working together to write said stories, and I will co-operate and remain flexible with anything that happens on-grid. What it won't do is affect my behaviour off-grid, and I expect the same courtesy - please respect OOC boundaries and don't be creepy!

All that said, if you want to work anything out, drop me a line. I'm free and easy to go along without planning, but appreciate others like to have things a little more defined - don't be afraid to drop bombs on me ahead of time if it's better for you! I'd rather everybody feels comfortable and knows where a scene is going. We're all adults, and more than capable of acting like it.

Let's have awful traumatic possibly sexy violent scheming fun together!

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