Character Details
Annie Ilonzeh
Annie Ilonzeh as Yasmin Dumungo
Name: Yasmin Dumungo
Aliases: Minnie
Faction: Summer Isles
Organization: The Bawdy Bard
Occupation: Whore & Dancer
Rank: West End
Age: 20


Yasmin's Frame Rate: 20 Silver Moons
Each of the Whores at the Bawdy Bard have two costs. Next to the door of each whore's room there is a boudoir nude painting of the same whore. Every frame is notched out and painted to the size and metal of the coins that must be placed in each coin notch before access to the room is granted. This money goes to the Brothel House and has become known as 'Frame Rate'. Within the room it's up to the whore to determine how much they will expect beyond the frame rate for their personal services.


Yasmin's mother was a whore of mixed heritage as she was the daughter of a whore herself. A long 'proud' line of Oldtown whores who's blood was a muddled as the waters of the city's canals. It was obvious that Yasmin's father was a Merchant Sailor from the Summer Isles. Big and dark and beautiful. He treated her mother very well and after Yasmin was three her father had returned through Oldtown and learned of Yasmin and took her in.


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Jessilyn Jessilyn
Madam - Jessilyn is very much like a big sister and even a mother figure to Yasmin.


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