Leonor Varela
Leonor Varela as Yael Blackmont
Name: Yael Blackmont
Aliases: The Kidnapped Blackmont
Faction: Dorne
Organization: House Blackmont
Occupation: Lady
Rank: Noble Lady
Age: Oct 10 96 (24)


With eyes and hair as dark as the mountains at night, Yael Blackmont carries a little of their imperiousness with her in manner no matter the gold of her skin. Strong features with high cheekbones and a sharp jaw, do little to dismiss that impression. She wears a scar across her upper lip, cutting down the right side, bisecting her full mouth most vividly when she smiles. Her long, dark hair curls in loose, energetic waves around her shoulders, framing a shapely figure that is most often draped in a mixture of beaded gowns of bright colours and diaphanous draping. At her hip she wears a small knife and at her wrist a curled gold bracelet designed to look like a snake.


Born to a Myrish Lady and a Lord of House Manwoody main line, Yael was fourth in line with two brothers and a sister ahead. A dark and spirited daughter, she took strongly after her mothers beauty and even more so after her fathers tempers. Although all the children picked up on the Myrish sung and spoken in the nursery, using it among themselves like a secret language and taught by their mothers nurse, she took to it most strongly and it remains her preference when writing.

The hawk, the hunt, tracking, and the outdoors was Deshae Manwoody's passion outside of combat and it was one shared with his children. Yael grew proficient in hunting game, although never bothered to learn how to clean it as that is why there are servants. What days were not spent in pursuit of the genteel and educated arts were spent out of doors, offering Yael the opportunity to pursue one of her own passions. Snakes. Her mother often recalled her horror at finding her youngest girl with a snake draped around her like the robe of some whore, sitting playing with a ball on the steeps. The site became more common as she grew, the snakes taking different forms and colours, and following her to the capitol when she was warded with the Martell family.

For two years at court and in the capitol, she learned the delicate skills of politics, commerce, romance, and simply, and importantly deception. Yael's peculiar blend of charm, intelligence, and novelty allowed her a certain popularity and she made a number of connections despite her young age. She returned to Kingsgrave a lady of grace and appointment, with the additional feature of a sharp scar through her upper lip on the right side. An injury she would create a new story for at whim.

In truth, it was an accident. A dalliance with boys and knives that left her with a scar and enough Trade Tongue to say it as she meant it. He was the first of many to come. A man off a large vessel meant for the Summer Ilse. His name was Yonn and he had been teaching her a little knife fighting — but she was truly better at throwing — and she moved too quick. The blade scoring viciously and the blood ruining her gown. A nearby guard who had merely ignored the two youths was called and Yael was rushed to the healer. She never saw again her summer lad.

Yael thought she might marry one of the men she courted while in Sunspear, but upon her return to Kingsgrave (five years past now) she found herself betrothed and a brother and sister dead to skirmishes on the fringes of Dorne and Westeros. Lord Arnau Blackmont was not a dynamic man in nature, the sort with more quietly burning passions and a hard will. In the beginning, they fought vividly and often. In time, they grew into one another and balanced his hard, military nature with her own shrewd diplomacy.

Keeping with a peculiar Dornish habit, their marriage was of an particular arrangement at the Lords pleasing. As a powerful man with many lovers, he encouraged his bride to keep the same. Possibly in a bid to soothe her fiery tempers, he also allowed his bride to keep her snakes and awarded her a gold bracelet in ones shape on their most recent anniversary.

Recently, Yael has begun to make trips past the borders, for trade as well as pleasure, an action sanctioned by her husband. He merely says, when asked, he prefers his lovers to come him.

RP Hooks

  • Dornish Lady
  • The Kidnapped Blackmont
  • Sunspear Ward


  • Snake Charmer
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Haughty
  • Graceful

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IC History

  • Under the Sun — The Dornish Marches have only come to an end. Yael prepares to depart the Sunspear as Gael just returns.



Husband - I have thought more than once that one might wring more passion out of the Red Mountains than my solid, unmovable husband. Neither of us is the match we might have chose given out own way, but marriage is a partnership more than a love affair and we have made due. Immovable. Firm. Grim at times. I am…glad he cared to come for me, to bleed for me. I have missed him and his ways.


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