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Bruce Campbell
Bruce Campbell as Captain Yacio Cruz
Name: Captain Yacio Cruz
Aliases: Cio, Captain
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Occupation: Merchant Captain of Moondancer
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Age: 30



Captain Yacio Cruz is a man, roughly 30 years old, of Braavosi heritage, bearing a tanned skin tone. He stands at 6'1" and is around 178 pounds in an overall robust strong sailor's body type. Short almost black hair is done in wind-swept back style framing a rounded square shaped face. With deep set dark chocolate brown eyes that are set to either side of his knot in the bridge nose. Below that nose is a thin upper set of lips. The rest of his a square shaped face is accented in chiseled cheeks and jaw that comes to a bold cleft chin. Captain Yacio Cruz smells of exotic spices. He bears several scars here and there, typical things one picks up as a life-long sailor. Though a criss-cross scar just to the left of his chin holds a more serious altercation in it. When he speaks the tones and accent of a world traveled Bravosi can be detected.


The Captain has gone shirtless. Inked into his tanned skin over his left bicep is a black row of women's silhouettes dancing around his arm in a band. Each of the dancing women have their arms and hands extended upwards and in each of their grasps is a phase of the moon. Upon his right forearm is a simple blue anchor but it is surrounded by inked words. These words cover his entire right arm in an intricate design so it's just not the names of ports he's been to in common and in their native foreign symbols or writings. These words reach his shoulder and spill over onto his back where there are many representations of the port town pictured on his back, such as the Titan of Bravos which is large and centered on his back. With The Hightower on his right shoulder blade, the Red Palace over his left kidney and other such famous landmarks decorate his skin. Upon his chest over his heart is a constellation of black stars. The constellation being the one used to guide him home to Bravos.


At the moment Captain Yacio Cruz is going for a dramatic and bold Braavosi style. He is wearing billowing sailors, long sleeved, laced v-necked shirt ghost white linen above a black leather trousers with burnt sienna brown alligator leather boots completing the look. Peeks of tattoos can be spotted in that laced v-slit collar when it's loose and at his right wrist when it rides up higher on his arm.


Yacio's mother was brought on board his father's ship, The Moondancer, so that he would be born on the cherished vessel. Since his birth Yacio hardly spends much time away from Moondancer. She's been the one true constant in his life. Yacio's mother grew tired of coming second to her husband's ship and crew and he was given to his father to raise when he was three.

Yacio worked through the ranks, from cabin boy to first mate. Eventually his father grew to an age where he wanted to settle down and make up with Yacio's mother. The man she had married in the interim had recently died so it came to pass that 25 years later, his parents reconciled and now together they run the landside import/export, Cruz Imports, business in Bravos. Meanwhile Yacio Cruz sails around the world picking up goods and transporting people from one place to another. Often on opposite ends of the world.

He has a few favorite ports, Oldtown comes first on his list! The first time he laid eyes on Hightower he was struck with awe. The only other time he has that sort of reaction is when The Titan of Bravos comes into view. Such a people that could build such things hold a special place in Yacio's heart, so if asked he would say that Oldtown is his home away from home.


  • Cunning Linguist
  • Profit Minded
  • Worldly

IC Events


Rona Rona
Best Friend's Daughter - He owed her father big, for saving his life plenty. It's not like he wouldn't have helped her without the turn in of favors. But he likes feeling like the debt is now cleared. That of course doesn't mean he won't continue to look out for her. However he can.


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