The Ghost of Dragonstone
Nastya Zhidkova
Nastya Zhidkova as Princess Xavia Targaryen
Name: Princess Xavia Targaryen
Aliases: Ghost of Dragonstone, Xavvy
Faction: The Crownlands
Organization: House Targaryen
Occupation: Wallflower
Rank: Princess
Age: Jun 22 108 (14)


Morticia: Wednesday's at that very special age when a girl has only one thing on her mind.
Ellen: Boys?
Wednesday: Homicide.


Fragile is a word often used to describe the slight frame of the young (Age 14) Princess Xavia Targaryen. She is quite fair even by the standards of her kin. The girl's skin is a nearly pigment free milky white. Her lips holds the slightest tinge of red that seems to be applied for sheer cosmetic appeal. The girl's eyes are a chilling slate gray made unique by the trappings of pale violet shot through the stoic shade. Xavia is not the striking beauty most of her family can claim but instead bears a more dull seeming with softer features. Her expression is often portrayed listlessly below brows so light they seem nonexistent at a distance. Her eyelashes and hair are both the same telling shade of white.

Xavia dresses in a white and black gown accented by red accessories. Her gown is black on the outside but bears an underskirt of brocade white and black. The raised design on the white fabric is done to suggest a floral pattern which, only upon closest inspection, proves to be not flowers but dragons dancing and twirling in black flames. The red of her outfit constitutes soft slippers and a short necklace made from matte red sea stones, pearls perhaps. Despite the heat and weather she wears this style of hooded long sleeved gown anytime she ventures outdoors.



Xavia Targaryen is (was) the younger sister of Xavier Targaryen II. The brother/sister pair were born at Dragonstone a little more than a decade ago. The details of her upbringing mirror those of many Targaryens in like situations throughout the generations. The two were born in the ancestral Great House, offspring of another brother sister pair. Xavier was four years his sister's senior yet destined to marry her when she came of age.

The siblings were both born with their mother's coloring which unbeknownst to the family was essentially a case of true albinism. The repeated inbreeding also caused several running birth defects in her particular lineage. Her mother and brother were both fated to die from the same type of congenital heart malady, they suffered from ventricular septal defect which is a hole in the lower chambers of the heart. The mother(Xandra) passed away giving birth to Xavia. There are some who say her father resented her for this which is likely what drew her closer to her betrothed brother.

Xandra's children were not unscathed by her family's practices. Throughout her life Xavia has suffered fainting spells due to her irregular heartbeat. The Maester at Dragonstone never did anything approaching an autopsy on the mother as it was assumed she died simply from the strain of childbirth. Not until a decade later when the same affliction that took his mother would claim Xavier II did anyone suspect the true cause. Her brother passed away during a routine hunting expedition when he was fourteen years old. This was the first incident of Xavia receiving any visions, as she sat practicing the viola de gamba a sudden fainting spell took her. Although not unheard of for Xavia not every one of her faints came with a vision. Xavia saw Xavier fall in the forest, she knew his heart had broken much like their mother's had. She knew this without ever knowing how she could… How she would explain it to their father.

Xavier the First was in his chambers when she ran to him and explained what had happened. The father took the news that is only heir had died quite poorly and even scolded her until hours later when it was confirmed. Xavier Targaryen I, last of his name, ordered the Maester to figure out why his heir had fallen in safe company. The House's Maester at the time was a Targaryen and inspired by the words of his kin's visions because he had read evidence of past Targaryens leading armies to victories with their visions- he trusted her words. This is what led to the hole in her brother's heart being found.


Her father treated her like a delicate fragile thing after the loss of her brother. Xavia withdrew and became something of a recluse who preferred her books and sketches to human interaction. Xavia pushed her father away until he wanted nothing to with the girl. The young Princess got very good at sneaking and often makes a habit of hiding away when she hears someone approaching. Troubled with the distance between himself and his remaining family member Xavier I went on to seek remarriage and the creation of new heirs. An acceptable sized trust and dowry have been set up for the stoic youth. Xavier I sent his daughter to seek marriage and a name for herself in Oldtown. To be frank he never liked the dour girl and after the death of her brother she'd become downright morbid. Her presence at Dragonstone was affecting his new wife's demeanor. Her uncaring new mother took to calling her The Ghost of Dragonstone when she was just eleven years old. The name is both derogatory and fitting; she hopes to never hear it again now that she has left her home.


  • Precocious
  • Coldly Logical
  • Megalomaniac
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Irregular Heartbeat
  • Plagued by Visions

RP Hooks

  • Husband: Care to play urequited love? She's fourteen and her recently betrothed passed away four years ago. Princess Xavia refused every match set up by her father or otherwise scared away the suitors. He's sent her to Oldtown to figure out her own match or else end up using her dowry to buy herself a life as a Septa.
Ser Auraine Waters
(Available for Play)
Auraine is a Velaryon bastard born to one of the shipwright's daughters on Dragonreach. Auraine was been born the same year as Xavia's late brother and the two were pages and squires in the same household. When Xavier II died on a hunting trip his closest friend Auraine had been there. Auraine, a squire at the time, took a vow to protect Xavia in her brother's stead. He is often seen with the girl in public. He is approx 19 years old and very recently Knighted. I am willing to work with someone on a background if they wish to take over this NPC.


Prince Aevarys Targaryen

Prince Aevarys Targaryen
Great Uncle -The residing Prince of Dragonstone is her great uncle, he was her Father and Mother's uncle first. This puts her a ways down the line for any sort of inheritance. Were you raised at Dragonstone? She is younger than most of the PCs who have but some only by a few years. Please feel free to page and mail for hooks!


Cousin - "He gave me the stars for my nameday? Did you see? I will never forget that night…"


Cousin - "Thank you for inviting me to Dorne. It was quite informative; I managed to find those southern star charts I wanted."


Cousin - "What a beautiful way to suffer… She is so strong."


Uncle - "The picture book of animals he gave me is quite arresting, I'm rather fond of my Uncle. I hope he enjoys a long life with his beloved Marsei."

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