Baby Stark
Nick Snider
Nick Snider as Wylliam Stark
Name: Wylliam Stark
Aliases: Liam, Wyll.
Faction: The North
Organization: House Stark
Occupation: Young Nobleman
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Nov 9 104 (16)


Wylliam Stark could be called many things in regards to his looks - handsome, attractive, hunky, and drop-dead gorgeous.. you get the point. He doesn't possess many characteristics which one would think a Stark would look like, his hair is on the brighter side of things and weaves in several colors, a midnight brown hue covering most of his hair but also sharing a space with several honey colored stripes which streak through his hair in the direction it is parted - to the right. His age is quite easy to guess just from based on his looks, at around fifteen or sixteen years old it looks.

His nose lacks a defined bridge, the sides of his nose seeming to just blend in with his pale ivory skin. But they ultimately round off and become normal along the vicinity of his nostrils. His chin is well rounded but puffs out slightly where both sides meet in the middle, a supporting feature due to his strong jaw which curves inwards towards his ears and goes upwards in a flat angle. His lips are something out of the ordinary though - being quite pink and flat and only start to curve off as they reach the corners of his mouth to form the upper/lower lip, and vice versa. When his lips are formed into a smile his white teeth shines through the pink and plump lips and give off a warm and calming tone to a conversation.


Wylliam Stark was born the notable Gidion Stark and Hellan Mormont in Winterfell, the seat of House Stark. He's the first /legitimate/ Stark son, but he has heard about the child that his mother birthed out of wedlock with another man.. he doesn't know many details only due to the fact that he is simply to scared to ask for more information on the topic. As he grew older he learned the ways of combat from his mother, and how to instill fear into the hearts of any enemies he might be faced with; and he took the teachings as nothing short of important. Wylliam only sought the affection of his mother, and just wanted to be as close to her as possible before she 'killed over'. He knew very well of his mothers injuries and illness and even moreso when he and his dear little sister moved from Winterfell to Oldtown because of some trouble his father had gotten into, which is all he knows.

Wylliam learned to become independent, as he had no choice but to do so due to his mothers lack of care for him, but he figured it was only because her energy was drained from sickness and she just couldn't. He learned to cook, clean, and then.. etiquette. He learned he was going to be betrothed, though this excited him.. he was also nervous, he didn't have firsthand experience with women and thought he might screw up and make himself unappealing. But now he doesn't have to worry, he's trained himself to be a true gentlemen and is prepared to meet his betrothed.

RP Hooks

  • Skilled Brawler - He's adept when it comes to fist fighting, he can bob and weave under blades and maces, and catch swords.. with the right armor of course. He can stick his attackers with a fist between the eyes! He's unpredictable in a fight, and will stop at nothing to drill his enemy into the ground once engaged in combat. He's all about reading body language, and he can read most people and tell when they are about to strike.
  • Strange.. - Wylliam use to be consider rather strange, eating whole apples and enjoying playing in the mud. This has however changed. With the return of his father Wylliam has been spending a considerable amount of time with him. Perhaps Lord Gidion has taken the boy in hand and beaten some of his more stranger habits out of him.


* Wealth: Comfortable - It's quite self-explanatory.

* Handsome - He possesses quite pulchritudinous features and is simply adorable.

* Trusting - He can keep your secrets a secret.

* Considerate - Wylliam always goes out of his way to help others regardless of what it might be.

* Cunning Hands- His hands have the potential to be deadly, he hasn't had to take a life but plans to put his skills to use in tournaments.

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Betrothed - I've only just met her and words can't describe how much I love her, how much I did love her. Gone before I even got to truly call her my own. Such beauty and charm wasted. Gone she has from me forever, gone without a trace she could be dead she could be alive. For now though she is simply gone.


Mother - My mother is a woman who can't express love, not even to her children, but I don't care; she's my mother and she gave birth to me and my beautiful sister and I couldn't ask for anything more.


Cousin - He's fun to mess with, and I like that he doesn't judge me like most of my family do for my personality. He also said he's going to teach me how to swim, and shoot a crossbow.. I think me and him are going to have fun.


Distant Family? - I don't think I have been ever mad at a woman, well even mad in a general sense ever until I spoke to her! I didn't have much of a reason to be mad, though.. she's good company, I just wish I could settle in more around her I feel as if I have a barrier blocking my vocabulary from ever getting to know her. I can do hair, perhaps I shall do hers sometime.. that is if she'll let me!


Cousin - I think I like him, he hasn't given me a reason to hate him.. he's all the while fun to play around with!


Cousin - She scares me to say the least, I don't know which part of the Seven Hell's she came from but she needs to go back! Perhaps I am being judgmental and I haven't seen the somewhat nice side of her, if one exists.. she's family and I wish she would like me so I could like her back. I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm touched in the head.


Friend - What a little Lady this one is, she can shoot ride and even act like a proper lady. I can't wait to see how this one grows up. She has my interest already, I will keep an eye on this one she could be a very interesting surprise. We meet while taking part in a tournament, I hear she has just arrived at Oldtown.


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