Character Details
Robert Maillet
Robert Maillet as Wyl Flowers
Name: Wyl Flowers
Aliases: "The Bastard of Sacheland Tower", also mocked since his youth as "Wylted Flowers".
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Ball
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Bastard
Age: Nov 13 90 (30)


Firstly noted is his size, nearer to seven feet than six, looking slightly lean only for the length of his frame. Yet most folk tend to remember Wyl's face: small eyes, set beneath a heavy brow and narrow forehead only make his prominent ears, nose, and oversized jaw look more grotesque. His upper lip carries an ugly cleft, which a short black beard can't entirely conceal.

His attire befits a minor knight, a shirt of off-white linen and doublet of brown wool contain a thick torso with a row of round brass buttons. Beneath a brass buckled belt, green trousers are tucked into very tall undyed leather riding boots. Carried around his waist are a plain hilted arming sword and dagger. Neither his thick fingers nor neck bear any ornaments.


The gentlemen of the Ball family have never been renowned for their self control. Over thirty years ago, when the Lady Ball was convalescing after giving birth to a healthy son, her impatient husband sired a bastard on the daughter of his stable master. The retainer and his pregnant daughter were quietly sent to one of the Ball family's smaller holdings, to deliver the baby out of sight and out of mind, and there Wyl- named for his maternal grandfather- was born.

Born with a cleft upper lip, he was not the sort of child to encourage much paternal sympathy, and he was not immediately acknowledged as Lord Ball's natural son. For that he had to wait many years, in which he was taught his prayers, his letters, care for horses and hounds among a servant's duties, and above all else he was taught gratitude for the noble family which did not turn him out.

In his adolescence, the growing pains began. His strength and stature grew until one day in which Lord Ball and his teenaged son and heir Brockholst visited the holding. Struck by the idea that Wyl could serve him better than as a mere stableboy, the lord ordered that Wyl should henceforth attend his heir as a personal retainer. The young Lord Ball had a habit of getting into trouble when in his cups, and the wisdom of keeping a devoted giant at hand was clear.

He was the butt of many jokes as Brockholst went from squire to knight, but Wyl's half brother was not a particularly cruel master, and even developed enough fondness for Wyl to train him as a squire. To Brockholst's great satisfaction, his bastard half brother refused to ever even attempt striking him, even in training.

However, Wyl was less gentle with his ignoble peers. After watching the big lad thrash three of the household guards in the training yard, the onlooking Lord Ball called for Wyl to approach and- in a fit of paternal pride, seasoned liberally with wine- publicly acknowledged Wyl as his natural son. The old lord did not long outlive the pronouncement, taking ill barely a year later.

This spot of luck also led to fresh derision from the nobles, with Brockholst laughingly declaring Wyl "ugly enough to make the other Flowers wilt". The nickname of "Wylted Flowers" still follows him, though he bears it without protest from his betters. When old Lord Ball died, his legacy included providing for Wyl's knighthood, a ceremony Brockholst, as the new Lord Ball, carried out personally.

Wyl did his every duty convinced he was the luckiest bastard in Westeros. When his half brother thought it funny to make a full knight the master of the kennels, Wyl obeyed. When his lord got too drunk to ride home, Wyl carried him. And when Brockholst went to Oldtown and fell off a rooftop… Well, then Wyl felt guilty for not being there.

With his eldest half sibling dead, the next Lord Ball was not as fond of keeping a bastard in the hall, and found the first excuse to send him elsewhere: a tournament in Oldtown.

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  • Unfortunate Face
  • Wallflower
  • Anointed Knight
  • Wealth: middle class

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