"Pour me another, won't I?"
Zane Lamprey
Zane Lamprey as Wulfred
Name: Wulfred
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: The_Reach
Organization: House_Tyrell
Occupation: Dunner
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: Jun 27 92 (28)


Before you is a individual who seems to be looking for his next interesting opportunity. It is an expression afforded to those who can entertain such pursuits rather than spend their day engaged in labor just to survive. He appears to be somewhere shy under the age of thirty years, suggesting that his keen sense for opportunity may be what has kept him alive thus far. His eyes are a color of brown, complementary to the olive complexion that the sun has given him when it sees fit to shine. His nose has a prominent bridge, aquiline in appearance but lacking in any meaningful heritage for those who note such things. Lips and mouth are framed with an ornamental treatment of brown and black facial hair, while the rest of him appears to have a day's growth of beard. The hair on his head is kept away from his face, the strands wavy but combed with his fingers in an attempt attempt to keep them as straight as possible.

His attire is that of the citizen who has dressed for travel with formal representation. An olive green tunic covers his upper body, with golden brocade trim on the collar and cuffs. The sleeves are full-cut, with the cuffs fastened with buttons rather than a lowborn's ties. The tunic is drawn tightly around the waist by a wide leather belt with a brass buckle, which is cinched discreetly and carries no excess length that hangs downard. Covering his legs are long breeches, brown in color with gold-colored accents at the ankle cuffs and pockets. The cuffs of the breeches are left untucked, draping over black suede boots with laces in the front.


"Daft, drunk, and loud. Tells the worst jokes. Won't let me go on about my business. As if he were the only one sitting at the counter drinking cider. I've work to do, you know."

—Jyl, serving girl at the Quill and Tankard

"Every time I see the man he is singing the praises of the wine before draining the cup dry. Half of which he gets someone else to pay for; a most mystifying talent. But as a customer, he is worthless. Who comes to a brothel for the drink?"

—Emmy, whore at the Bawdy Bard

"I once saw him piss out a candle and sleep in the alley."

—Mouse, dirty-faced pickpocket

"I know only that he is local. He has spoken briefly of a father and a mother. And if you have coin, he is always interested in playing a game of dice. I lost a good week to that scoundrel, and I've told the others to mind his watery eyes and stained smile."

Rickard, acolyte of the Citadel

"He says nothing of being abused or underpaid. Collects the coin and makes his entries without a single error. Loyal, trustworthy, and capable of getting the task at hand like any well-trained castellan with years of experience. Indeed, we can assuredly count on Wildruf… I'm sorry, you were asking of someone else?"

—Hervey, master tenant of the counting house and dunnery

"Never heard of him."

—Lot, recovery man in the Thieves' Market

RP Hooks

  • Drunk in Public - Wulfred can be found stumbling about the streets. He may bump into you.
  • Epicure - Where there is fine food and drink to be found, there shall also be Wulfred
  • Vice - Wulfred enjoys a good game of Liar's Dice and cyvasse especially with money involved.
  • Business - Wulfred has a job to do. Have you paid your tribute?
  • Outcasts - Are you a whore, criminal, or freak? He'll be glad to make your acquaintance.


  • Connections: Thieves Market
  • Vindictive
  • Drinks Like A Fish
  • Wealth: Middle Class

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Eonn Eonn
A red-faced fighter - There was a week where I met over a dozen sellswords. A dozen! You would think I was a highwayman creating hardship for every wealthy merchant on the roads! Anyway, this one was a mountain of a man with a red beard and armor covered in shite. I asked him if he was a humorless twat with no friends, and he said that he was not. I understand he thinks highly of me.
Amadys Amadys
A link to the present - The young Baratheon is a studious maester, don't let him tell you differently. He wears but one link of the chain, but I assure you he keeps the rest hidden away. He tells the best stories, boasts the best japes, and buys the most drinks. His fellow students are unfortunate victims of dice, though.
Missy Missy
In for a penny - One of the loveliest ladies to ever lift the frock over at the Bawdy Bard. Mind you, she is a whore but a rather kind one with a commanding list of things she can do for a copper. Mostly I just like it when she fetches the bottle instead of fetching cups of wine one at a time. I've never once asked her to pour a hard Cockens cider for me. Nor have I ever asked her to act as a lookout on my behalf. Would I lie?


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