Willum Flowers
Character Details
Tyler Mane
Tyler Mane as Willum Flowers
Name: Willum Flowers
Aliases: The Wilted Rose
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Tyrell
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Bastard
Age: Apr 25 93 (28)


Massive, ugly and bald. The pretty well sums up Willum, a man who looks down on large men. Where once lighter colored brown hair may have been is now a huge shaved head, the left side of his head is so grotesquely misshapen that one would have a hard time looking upon him. His left eye is sunken into a caved in cheek, and where a jaw would be on his left side is sunken flesh, as if the bone itself were removed or so badly healed that it looks as if he lacks any bone structure. On the right side of his face, Willum is so handsome that if someone came up on him sidelong from the right side, a woman would perhaps almost be woo'd. His eyes are a light golden color, his nose is near perfect, save for a slightly sharp angle near the top of his nose where it had been broken once or twice before. If Willum were to smile he lacks most of his teeth on the left side of his face, on his right they are perfect and white. Standing at seven and a half feet and weighing nearer 400 pounds than 300, he is a man one notices, even if he lacked his grotesque face. He is muscled like a man who has known only warfare and martial work his entire life.
Clad in a surcoat that is slashed in half, one half being red and green showing a striding huntsman, wherein the arrow in his bow is a black dead rose, the other half the rose of the Tyrell family, wherein the gold has been blemished and shows signs of death in the golden leaves. Willum wears a pair of golden leather breaches with knee-high riding boots where the top folds into rose pedals of black. His boots sport the golden spurs of his knighthood, highly polished. Willum is wearing a sword belt where a bastard sword is carried as if a normal man were carrying a longsword.


Bastard born of young love, where a political match should have been made. Willum Flowers is the start of a blemished stain on the spreading blemish that has come of the Tyrell family of late. It is rumored he was the by blow from a secrete marriage of Lady Lean Tarly and Lord Lorant Tyrell, but rumors are just that, rumors. Lean died with the truth of Willum's true heritage when he took his position as squire at the age of 12. Willum was always well put, for a bastard, his mother always more than financially able even beyond what would be considered her means to raise a bastard son in the Tarly household. He squired to a household knight who had gained a little fame winning a melee put on by the Tyrell house when Willum was 12, and his mother approached the Tarly knight to take him to squire.
It was found quick that Willum was a young man made for fighting, he took to martial skills quickly, favoring the poleaxe or warhammer as fit his mood the day of training, equally great with either. Willum always seemed to enjoy the brutality that came with cleaving an enemy in two with his poleaxe or crushing the skull of an opponent, versus stabbing or slicing that came with his sword practice. He would often take his training in the yard to an unsafe level, brutalizing his training partners, as he was often better skilled than those he trained with, and was always a physically more powerful opponent than the kids he trained with. At the age of 15, a year prior to getting his spurs, Willum joined a squire melee, not his first, but one that would live with him the rest of his days. A young lady of the Serry househould, whom he had wished to woo with his martial prowess brought forth a fateful decision in which after joining the combatant field, Willum tossed aside his helmet, bellowing aloud that no other squire could best him, challenging them to see if they had the ability to mar his handsome features without a helm to protect himself. Willum showed well despite the group attack upon his person, and a blindside hit from a blunted mace to the side of his unprotected head left the left side of his face brutally crushed. From that day forth, it was mocked that the boisterous handsome Tarly bastard had wilted like a rose on a hot day, as his bones never healed properly and he became a sullen man with a noticeable lack of his previous sense of charisma and life.
Willum got his spurs when he was 16 and was gifted, anonymously from the Tyrell househould with a gilded set of plate armor, giving to further rumors of his heritage. With the gift came the offer of a position as knight of the Tyrell house and the Wilted Rose knight started his adult life there. Willum has served for many faithful years as a personal guard to Lord Lorant Tyrell, protecting him in times of war and prospering beyond the means of the rights of any bastard, despite the rumoring of his high birth. Willum would often lead in the vanguard for the Tyrell house whenever they found themselves at war, his knights chosen by his own hand for their brutality in warfare, it seemed to fit his own brutish ways, though one noteable flaw every time Willum would enter combat or join a melee, he seemed to avoid mace wielding opponents like the plague, or if confronted face on, crush them so brutally that it seemed fear were guiding him through his brutality. His knights follow Willum faithfully, but those others of the Tyrell house often mock his actions as a phobia of mace wielding opponents from his encounter as a boy in his squire melee, though it is never said to his face. No one wants to make 'The Wilted Rose' their enemy.

RP Hooks

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  • Prodigy
  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Minor Phobia
  • Legitimized Bastard
  • Physically Blemished
  • Infamous Brute

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