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This wiki is not for public use. It is intended solely for the amusement and use of Game of Bones players, and people who are considering joining the game.

You do not need to make a wiki page for your character if you don't want to. However, it is very much encouraged that you make a character page, assure that your character is on the appropriate House page if there is one, and contribute logs. These elements help staff and player-GMs to note connections between your character and new applications, to see what's going on with your character, and to develop storyline that will include your character. If you don't contribute to this wiki, you will miss out.

Please do not violate wikidot's terms of service here.

Do not upload images or blocks of text from A Wiki of Ice and Fire here, or use other people's fan art without permission.

Step 1: Create a Wikidot account, or log in to your existing one.

Step 2: Click the "Apply to join the wiki" button on the very top of the side navigation bar. There is a password. You will receive it in the +mail you get when your character is approved.

Step 3: Put your MUSH Screen Name for your character in the box below. Only use that one name. No surnames or other things, just that singular screen name.

Step 4: Type: +wiki in game. Copy/paste the spammy output into your newly created wiki page, writing over the content that is already there.

Step 5: Find a profile picture. Our actors database may help.


You don't need to use an actor. A drawing, a painting, a photograph of a loaf of bread, any of these things will do. People prefer you use an image that looks like your character, but any picture is preferable to nothing.

Down at the bottom of the new page is a link called 'File'. (Make sure you have the edit box saved and closed to see this link!) Click that and follow the process along to upload your picture onto your page. Make sure the file name is: Name_01.jpg (replacing "Name" with your character's name).

Step 6: Bottom of the page link: 'Edit' will take you into the code of your wiki page again. Adding in RP Hooks, including at least a sentence describing how each hook will help to generate RP with your character.

Step 7: Fill out some Relationships (be they PCs or NPCs), try including at least a sentence describing the relationship. For NPCs that do not have their own wiki pages: While in edit mode find the "RelationshipBox" code above each entry. Replace that code with: "RelationshipNoImageBox" and it will turn it into an NPC friendly relationship box.

Step 8: At the bottom of every character page there is a personalized string of tags. Each one defaulted in is important to wiki organization. Click the 'Tags' link a few to the right of the 'Edit' link on the bottom of the page. This will open up a small edit window for the tags. Edit the information within the <>s to include the requested information. Then remove the <>s. Please see the section below on Tags for Character Pages for further information on how to set up these tags.

Tags for Character Pages

When you are done adding your information to your new character bio page, hit the "Save" button to save your page. Scroll down to the bottom of your newly filled-in page. There you will see a row of small links. Click the "Tags" link (second from the left) to add tags to your page. The necessary tags are explained below.

  • Capitalization is unimportant. tags will all end up in lowercase once saved.
  • Don't use commas to separate tags, just put a space between them.
  • The name tag is used for the log system (see below).
  • Tags are used to organize various lists, so precision is important. Check your spelling.

Tag Explanations

Information in brackets (like <this>) are variables. Do not include the brackets in the tags themselves.

This tag must exist on every character page. It simply identifies the page as a character bio page.

The character's name (as it appears on the MUSH) should be a tag as well.

The character's social status: noble, smallfolk, maester, godsworn, foreigner

Include a homeland tag for the character's region of birth. Possible regions are: crownlands, iron_islands, north, reach, riverlands, stormlands, vale, westerlands, dorne, beyond_the_wall, essos, free_cities, sothoryos, summer_islands. Note that even though the Free Cities are in Essos, such a character will not have both tags.

Include a bloodline tag for the birth family of each of the character's parents (e.g. bloodline:tyrell). If the character does not come from bloodlines with a surname, do not include this tag. Similarly, a bastard without a confirmed bloodline connection should not include this tag.

Include a surname tag for the character's actual surname. In the case of a noblewoman that may go by multiple surnames, use the name of her husband's family, or if a widow, the name she would most regularly introduce herself by. A noble bastard would use the appropriate surname here (e.g. surname:flowers). If a character has no surname (such as Westerosi smallfolk), do not include this tag.

Include a house tag for the house the character is bound to. This include nobles born to the house (that have not married off to other houses), as well as wards/hostages, sworn swords, house maesters, and other servants.

Special Affiliations
There are some other tags out there for those affiliated with certain organizations, or who hold special rank: citywatch, citadel, archmaester, iron_bank, knight, faith:7 (for those connected to the Faith of the Seven), most_devout, and faith:red (for those connected to the organized religion of Rh'llor). Note that the faith-based tags are only for characters with a formal role in those religions, not simply for those that follow them.


All characters should have the "character" tag, their name (as it appears on the MUSH), their social status, and their homeland.

Example: Aeghar, a nobleman, has the following tags: character aeghar noble homeland:crownlands

Noble characters have some extra considerations.

Example: Aeghar the Targaryen noble, child of a Targaryen and a Lannister, has the following tags: character aeghar noble homeland:crownlands bloodline:targaryen bloodline:lannister surname:targaryen house:targaryen

Sometimes characters belong to a special order or organization.

Example: Ser Aeghar the Targaryen knight, adds the "knight" tag, so now looks like this: character aeghar noble homeland:crownlands bloodline:targaryen bloodline:lannister surname:targaryen house:targaryen knight

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