Theater of Whimsical Dreams


Ever dreamed of treading the boards as an actor?
Performing your songs to a large audience?
Have a talent you feel deserves a much wider audience?

Then the Whimsy is for you!

Lord Loryn Tyrell, known as 'Lord Laurel' in theatrical circles, is always interested in recruiting new talent for the Whimsy's resident acting troupe. See him about a private audition if you feel you are born to a life on stage.

Apart from the resident players, the Whimsy also plays host to many visiting performers from the Seven Kingdoms and beyond. Whether you're a bard, a juggler, a fire-eater or a dancer doesn't matter. If Lord Laurel deems you and your act worthy of the main stage, you are welcome to rent the house for a small fee. If not, you can always perform on the small stage in the forecourt for an even smaller fee. See Loryn, if you wish to perform at the Whimsy and a deal can certainly be struck.


The Theatre's History

The Theatre of Whimsical Dreams, better known as simply The Whimsy, has been a feature in Oldtown for nearly two hundred years. Roughly ten years ago, a fire gutted the interior, and the mummers company that owned it at the time went bankrupt rebuilding it. Ownership of the theater then passed to the company’s creditor, the Iron Bank of Braavos. Though several small companies have rented the theater for various small performances, it seemed like the days of grand, expensive plays were a thing of the past.

All that changed when Lord Garvin Tyrell, better known as Lord Pansy, took ownership of the Whimsy and began putting on plays which he wrote himself. To date, two of his plays have been performed to great acclaim on the Whimsy's main stage:

Following Lord Pansy's return to Highgarden, management was left to his cousin, Lord Loryn Tyrell, who had joined the troupe only a while ago. It appears that Lord Laurel is keen on continueing his cousin's work and will soon delight Oldtown with the first play he has written himself.


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