Lady Vynesa
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Name: Vynesa Manwoody
Aliases: None yet
Faction: Dorne
Organization: House Martell
Occupation: Lady-in-waiting
Rank: Lady
Age: 16 (Oct 9 106)


This young woman is tall and slender with the subtle curves of a girl transitioning from maiden to woman. Her skin carries a natural light tan, and the sun has kissed the bridge of her nose and her cheeks with a spattering of freckles. She has wide rather innocent looking gray eyes that are framed by golden colored eyelashes that are often darkened subtly with soot. Her pert nose and small but full mouth make her look almost doll like and innocent. Her hair is a coppery blonde and holds a loose curl. She dresses in the silk gowns and robes of Dorne, and favors gentle hues over the more bright or vibrant dyes that might suit older women.


The youngest daughter of Lord Manwoody's younger brother Vynesa was always an afterthought by all save for her mother, a cousin from an even lower branch in the house. Ignored by most the question of what was to be done with Vynesa came up when she was fourteen, and her mother died. Suddenly burdened with a daughter he had never really taken the time to know he left the girl's fate up to his brother's wife. The Manwoody's were seeking a trade agreement with House Uller, and so the newly flowered maiden was given in marriage to Ser Hathor Uller.

Ser Hathor is a man in his late forties. While some older men may dote on their young brides this was not the case. In fact, it was the opposite. When Vynesa did something to displease Ser Hathor, and it was very easy to displease him, he let her know. Violently, sometimes. Other times his punishments were not violent, but they could be just as horrifying.

After the marriage of Prince Torren, the heir to Dorne, Ser Hathor decided that he would like to be closer acquainted to the Prince. By throwing his young wife at him. Prince Torren rejected Vynesa's advances, and fearful of what Ser Hathor would do to her she tearfully admitted the dark secrets of her marriage to the Prince. Luckily, she had found a sympathetic ear. The Prince asked his wife, a foreign Princess from the north, to take her as a lady-in-waiting. Then he must have intimidated Ser Hathor enough to force him to leave her be. Vynesa doesn't know what the Prince said to her husband, but once she became a lady-in-waiting to Princess Visenya she was freed from her insidious husband.

She has been in service to the Princess for some time now, and has traveled to Oldtown and back to Dorne with the royal couple. She has gained the Princesses' confidence, and the wives of Dornish Princes do hold some influence. For the first time in her short life Vynesa is not just an afterthought.


  • Innocent Face
  • Protected
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • The tale of Lady Vynesa's brief and harrowing marriage is all too well-known in Dorne.
  • She is in the service of Princess Visenya Martell, and thus a possible route into the princess's confidence — or her purse…

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