Vuk was killed in a duel.

Sword for Hire
Val Kilmer
Val Kilmer as Vuk Aleksey
Name: Vuk Aleksey
Faction: {$faction}
Organization: {$org}
Occupation: Sellsword
Rank: {$rank}
Age: 23


Long black hair and piercing blue eyes and a muscled physique, with small scars abound, marking the fairly attractive male, to be one who has seen service in battle, and under the lash. Though he is on good health, there is little doubt he will be one of those who ages before his time.

His body is oft found in an enclosure of chain and leathers, with a long shoulder cape of bear fur with a wolf's head as the shoulder clasp, hiding the quiver of bolts he carries, along with his crossbow. More notable would be the heavy warhammer he carries on his back, and the short sword on his wide leather belt.

With out a horse, and forced to ground, he has a pack to carry the essentials of a soldier.



  • Bi Polar
  • Ingrained Loyalty to Mormont

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