The Volantene
Rhona Mitra
Rhona Mitra as Vorana Aurynis
Name: Vorana Aurynis
Aliases: Tiger Lady, Volantene.
Faction: Essos
Organization: None
Occupation: Sellsword
Rank: None
Age: 22


Vorana is an alluring volantene woman with an aura of intensity about her. Dark-purple irises, pitch-black hair spilling down her back, high cheekbones, full lips and a strong nose make it hard for the foreigner sellsword to be overlooked. The lean woman seems to have a bored, almost sleepy look, most of times, her eyelids always heavy. Under her lilac-hued eyes, enhanced by the black faint outline of makeup, the woman has two tattoos of tiger stripes, running halfway down her cheekbones.

The Tiger Lady's body is a mix of power and grace, and it's built like a Summer Island jungle cat's, looking supple and sleek but as soon as Vorana strikes or dances it shows underlying musculature of a warrior. Any seasoned fighter can tell the foreigner is not just another damsel.

The woman is oftenly dressed in a long-sleeved mail shirt, entwined with a long, dark skirt that flows when she walks, slit on the sides to promote movement, tight leather pants under the dark cloth. Over the armor the woman is usually sporting a dark cloak.


Vorana was born the second daughter of the Aurynis family, one of Old Blood noble houses of Volantis with a long, storied allegiance to the Tiger Party and the Triachs. Raised to be impeccable, ruthless and warminded, but cultured and well-spoken, the girl excelled at a very young age, drawing the attention of many families around Volantis.

As things often are, Vorana soon became too sure of herself, believing her natural allure and beauty, aswell as her knowledge and poise, put her head and shoulders above her olderbrother and sister, and her arrogance proved to be Vorana's undoing, as the resentment from her siblings ended up condemning her to a life by some old elephant's foot when her brother became the ruler of her house. Digusted, Vorana took the opportunity to run away.

As most would have told Vorana, her escape was both stupid and a failure doomed to happen. A few days outside Volantis she was caught by one of the many wandering bands of sellswords, almost out of food, tired and afraid, almost regretting her decision to leave her cushioned life in Volantis, even if it meant obeying her lesser brothers.

Vorana would never feel the kind of fear she did that night again, to this day. When the men were done with the feisty tiger she was a bloody mess on the ground, clinging stubbornly to life. Their leader, a powerful looking old man, then proposed to the young, purple-eyed noble that she could either be his, for then on, or she would be his men's. Vorana chose the option that would keep her from further torment.

The years went by and Vorana danced and pleased the powerful warrior that had her be his concubine, but as ambitious as she was, the noble wouldn't just settle for being a whore: slowly, but surely, the volantene learned how to fight with her master, and eventually she joined his company as his warrior-woman, fighting in the Disputed Lands for him, and bedding him and his' whenever the fighter so desired.

Eventually, however, the old warrior died, and Vorana looked that he had his funeral rites. Soon after that she left his company, sure it would fall into disarray and internal conflict, taking a ship that would eventually take her to Oldtown, where the volantene would finally be free for the first time in her life, or so she hoped.


Family Matters

Although I have many ideas about her Volantis family but I am leaving them open-ended on Vorana's story to give room for players who might want to play them, or for storytellers who feel like they could use them. This way I just have a rough idea of who they are, and their roles in Vorana's past and some idea of what might be in the future. As it is now, this is a sketch I have of them.

  • Vagorro Aurynis: Older brother that inherited their house. He has no patience for the games his sisters play.
  • Valena Aurynis: Her older, ravishing and implacable sister. Chased Vorana away from Volantis.
  • Vorena Aurynis: Her younger sister, Vorana's heart that was left in Volantis, she has a wicked streak and is pure wildfire.

Attractive: The Old Blood of Volantis is the closest thing to Valyria that is not the Targaryen Dynasty. Combining the exotic qualities of Essos and the old dragonlords the Volantene nobility sometimes glows with the same power and unearthly beauty of the conquerors from Valyria, and Vorana is such a case. Her eyes are colored different, her irises tinted with the richest purple of amethysts, her deemanor and appearance carrying, without realizing, the otherworldly allure of dragonblood.

Double Jointed: Vorana's body is unnusually flexible and fast, resembling a snake (or dragon) sometimes, capable of feats that would seriously hurt lesser men and women. She was gifted to be an agile warrior, skilled dancer or talented concubine. In her lifetime the Old Blood of Volantiis was all of those.

Worldly: Back when travelling with her master's company Vorana saw a great deal of things most people have only read about, if that. She has warred against the Martell and Ironborn, slept with Summer Isle natives and beheld the Walls of Qarth. This makes the Volantene not only interesting to talk to, but someone less jaded social taboos.

Ignoble: Vorana was a whore for years so she could live, and she pleased the man as best as she could to win his favor, to learn from him. She has learned through difficult trials that sometimes you have to aim low to win big, and the volantene is not bellow cheating, lying and otherwise do very disonorable things to have things go her way.

Haughty: Vorana is Old Blood of Volantis, Daughter of Tigers, a Child of Aurynis. She's beautiful, cultured, skilled and a survivor. There's something in the way she speaks that just drips with a sense of profound pride, and if she is not dealing with someone that is very impressive, the noblewoman might let her arrogance slip from time to time.

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"A dangerous serpent from a very dangerous nest. Confident and intelligent, worrysome."


"The mysterious demigod of the docks, trying to hide in plain sight."


"The most unsettling child I have ever met. Her intelligence is unearthly."


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