Character Details
Travis Fimmel
Travis Fimmel as Volund Sharp
Name: Volund Sharp
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: The Iron Islands
Organization: House Sharp
Occupation: Reaver
Rank: Captain
Age: May 14 92 (28)


A hardy man with a mesomorph standing at a height of 6 feet and 3 inches, with messy dirty-blonde hair that's brought back into a braided ponytail that stops at his shoulder blades, leaving the skin of the sides of his head expose. He also has a coarse beard running along his jawline. With fair toned skin and bright blue eyes, his body is sullied by tattoo depictions of longboats filled with warriors and men drowning each other on his right arm, and three limbless winged serpents coiling down along his arm to his elbow where they breathe fire to what once was a man and is now simply a upright skeleton, from his knuckles to his fingernails, he has tattoo depictions of finger bones on each hand as well. On his left ear he also has three silver ring earrings above two silver ring earrings.


Volund is the son of Holan Sharp, and his wife who passed away shortly after his birth. However, this wasn't due to his birth, as a maester when Volund was five had admitted she was poisoned, though not why. Angered by this news, and without thinking, Holan decided he'd start a bit early on corrupting his son. Teaching him how to swing a sword and operate a ship from a young age, the already considerably violet boy was brought up to be even more violent, and fed the declarations that he must find the killer of his mother, bring him or her to his knees and put their head on a stake. Because of this, Volund cares little for the well being of others aside from those close to him, and even then he doesn't care much. He is iron after all. At the age of eighteen he had received his own ship, which he dubbed the 'Wailing Whaler'. Reason? It sounded nice to him. When he received his ship, he took no time in sailing around the Iron Isles, gathering up men for his crew before setting off. From there for years, he set out from the Iron Isles and came back, and set off and came back, reaving in between as any red-blooded ironborn would. His journeys of reaving took him to the more notable areas of the southern coast of Dorne, where he raided travelers and more obscures settles to the stepstones, killing and taking from pirates. Eventually at one point, or some of his older crew members have said, he eventually drifted along the northern shores of Essos, along the Dothraki Sea. While he has no /items/ to support this, he does have a Dothraki salt-wife in which he had saved from a sticky situation, or so she says. Though some of his crew simply say that he had gotten her from a slave ship whilst a very small few don't even have a opinion on the matter. Getting older, he has lost most of his interest in both avenging his mother and reaving, though he'll still consider doing it from time to time. From his adventures, he had claimed quite a lot through the iron price, enough to live a comfortable life. Hearing news of a melee happening, and because pretty women, he has decided to set sail for Old Town.. Whether he'll try and take a woman as his salt-wife? Lets sure as hell hope that's not the case.

RP Hooks


  • Stubborn
  • Wealth: Hard Times
  • Drinks Like a Fish
  • Lascivious
  • Hardy
  • superhot

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