Lady Vivienne Tarth
Georgina Burke
Georgina Burke as Vivienne Tarth
Name: Vivienne Tarth
Aliases: Viv, Vivvie
Faction: The Stormlands
Organization: House Tarth
Occupation: Handmaiden
Rank: Minor Noble Lady
Age: Apr 28 102 (21)


"Do you need a handmaiden?"

Vivienne has a classically heart shaped face. Her features are quite youthful, set between her wide cheekbones in perfect proportions. A pert upturned nose, full lips and elegant doe shaped eyes in whisper green. The soft shade of her iris compliments the sweet honey blonde of her hair. Viv's loose waves linger on her shoulders in sweet shades of amber and flax; highlights catch the light giving depth to her natural beauty despite her stature.

Viv is bigger than the average noblewoman, she stands around five foot eleven and has the thick muscles of one accustomed to rock climbing and swimming- not needlepoint. She tries to carry herself with a dainty air and dresses in light weight gowns which flatter her thicker hips and waist. The smartly draped sleeveless dress she wears today is done in midnight blue and a shawl is built into clasps on the shoulders. She is able to wear or remove this piece of her attire. The shawl is also midnight blue but sheer and a fine silver thread has been used to decorate the edges with silver moons and suns.


Vivienne was born in Evenfall Hall on July 6, 102. She is the second child, first daughter, of Lord Grigor Tarth and Lady Mathilde Tarth. Her mother was formerly a Lannister, married to Grigor when they both reached the age of sixteen. She was born two years into their marriage soon after her brother Mathis. Viv is the second of four children. While the girl is very fond of her family she doesn't like to talk about her siblings, her parents or the Sapphire Isle too often as it brings on tears of homesickness.

She lead a noble life complete with a rounded education from the Septa stationed at Evenfall Hall when she was a girl. Viv proved a capable student of books and nature; she enjoyed spending much of her time exploring the island of her youth and claims to this day that she knows where every waterfall and every cave reside. The outdoorsy island girl is not adverse to being outside or on beaches. She grew up swimming, riding and exploring.

Vivienne is seeking employment in Oldtown as she wishes to explore a wider world than her beloved island. Her name and family have the means to support as she goes about a socialites life attending functions, plays, noble weddings and meeting suitors.

RP Hooks

Hand Maiden: I ask again, anyone need a lady in waiting to help sew their dresses and calm their flighty nerves before the wedding? Need a kind ear capable of genuine advice?

Mid-Wife: This is a skill Viv hopes to pick up to round out her healing talents. She also just loves babies! She will make a fantastic nanny or wet nurse a little later in life.


  • Generous
  • Patient
  • Humble - Low Self Esteem
  • Honest & Kind
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Outdoorsy

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