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Nastya Kumarova
Nastya Kumarova as Lady Vivian Brax
Name: Lady Vivian Brax
Aliases: Snowflake
Faction: The Westerlands
Organization: House Brax
Occupation: Head of House
Rank: Lady
Age: 23 (Jan 3, 98)

Lady Vivian returned to Hornvale.


Vivian is petite young woman, who has snow-white pale skin. Though, her wavy milky long hair has some glitters, giving young lady some liveliness. As blue as clear sky eyes vivaciously observes surrounding and corners of the colored rosebud lips form a haughty but warm smile. She looks like even younger than eighteen summers, because her soft skin still was not touched by the time, sun or wind, because she was saved as a precious flower. The notch neckline exposes her pale skin and a small golden pendant glints on her neck. An incredibly beautiful purple fabric of her gown has embossed patterns of flowers, which are finished with tiny little jewelled stones, which just twinkle softly. Because of heaps of fabric in the skirt, it looks like, that Vivian glides through the ground, not touching it with her feet.


Lady Vivian Brax born in the middle of the night, when a snow storm mixed Earth with sky. She was like one of the snowflakes: pale and fragile girl. Moreover, the Seven punished her for future sins or for her parents's sins, because girl's skin had allergy for the sun. She couldn't spend too much time in the sun or had to cover her body with light cloaks. However, in the course of time, she learned to live with it.

Vivian grew up into graceful young lady, who was very mannerly and haughty. Being the only child she was loved and cared more than gold. Best tutors worked on her skills teaching Vivian Math, History, Philosophy and even Stewardship, because she was a heir and had to be prepared for the future if a son will not born to her father. Young lady showed her sharp mind and she was a really fast learner. Moreover, she just loved all the knowledge she could get. Plus, reading books and playing chess was the only things she could do in summers, when sun was too bright for her pale skin.

Though, even if she was graceful, Vivian had and has some mischief. People were whispering that this young girl is a snake of Brax. She was so silent and loved sneaking around, going where she is not allowed and listening everything what she shouldn't. Even her guards not everytime could catch her. However, nor her father Gedrad, nor her mother Ylvian disciplined Vivian. The only one, who tried to keep young girl more ladylike was her Septa Bella. These two had a lot of fights.

Young lady spent a lot of time with her father. She liked to watch his trainings and how all the guards were trained. Sometimes, just for sport, Vivian shooted at stationary targets. The bow was one of her most favourite things after ridding on studs. These animals always delighted Vivian and it looks like they loved her too.

Vivian was very clever girl from her childhood. She saw how her parents adore their child and she used their love to get everything what she wants. She never heard "No" as an answer. Maybe this was the reason, why the girl became so loving herself and believing that she can do everything.

Despite her Narcissism and Egoism, she was quite sweet and her warm laugh usually cheered people and of course, she got a lot of attention from knights and other noblemen or even commoners, whose attention young lady loved. Though, her father loved daughter so much, that couldn't find her a husband, who would be worth her laugh and her heart.

Hard years came, when she was just 18 years old. Her father caught a strange illness and he couldn't leave his bed. Mother spend a lot of time with father, though Maesters had no idea, what type of illness it was, so young lady was trusted to Septa Bella and tutors. Nobody let her inside the room. She even hadn't had idea, that her mother caught the same illness after half year. The illness was slow and it took more than one year, before both her parents was taken away by the Seven.

The laugh of the young lady stoped for three years. She became the head of the house, though depression was too strong to take care of lands. For this reason Septa and Maester Halwen joined their strength and helped young lady to concentrate and after these dark years, finally the laugh of Vivian once more sounds in her homeland and now she is ready to lead her people wisely.


  • Allergic to the sun
  • Egoist
  • Graceful
  • Narcissist
  • Vivacious

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