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Daria Zhemkova
Daria Zhemkova as Viserra Targaryen
Name: Viserra Targaryen
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: The Crownlands
Organization: Targaryen
Occupation: Princess
Rank: Princess
Age: May 19 94 (29)


Viserra bears many of the qualities one would expect of a Targaryen, but does not share the glass-like beauty fabled amongst various of her cousins. While her hair is white, her eyes violet and her skin pale, she is not willowy, nor does she seem ethereal in any capacity. She is, instead, present and vibrant. Her choices of clothing are variable depending on the situation, having pciked up some northern pragmatism along the way. When she is out and about with her horses her dress is suited for such, boots, breeches and leathers all as finely made as one would expect of a princess without sacrificing functionality. She clothes herself just as easily in dresses when the occasion demands, but seems to have a strong aversion to any choices of clothing that would impart exceeding discomfort.


Viserra Targaryen was born in the south, on Dragonstone specifically, to a hitherto minor branch of the royal house. While her parents, Dhaevon and Valeryis Targaryen were a married pair of cousins in traditional Valyrian fashion the pair, Dhaevon in particular, had other plans in mind for their daughter.

Some say their intentions were a political statement for the Greens, her parents hold that their decision was in the interest of diversifying their branch of the house for the sake of benefiting the family's interest. All Viserra had to say about it was that she wasn't happy to be shipped north to marry one Ser Bryce Stark, especially as beign trapped all the way up north would likely sunder her ambitions of eventually bonding with and being the rider of one of her house's dragons. And yet, off to Winterfell she was packed at age nineteen.

Bryce and Viserra were wed without incident, though neither the princess nor the Northern Knight were enthused about the affair. In the end, it was that mutual dissatisfaction with their state of affairs that was the first thing the pair bonded over. Aversion grew into mutual sympathy, which grew into friendship, which grew into comfortable coexistence, which eventually grew into a natural affection between the pair. Over their ten year marriage the pair have slowly come to be quite happy together. Though, despite their now very strong bond with one another, Viserra oddly has yet to give Bryce any children.

The couple have spent the past decade splitting their time between Winterfell and Dragonstone and not traveling much further afield than that. All that changed with the appearance of Whoremaster in Oldtown, whom Viserra has had a keen interest in investigating ever since rumors of his appearance began to circulate. At last, circumstances have conspired such that the Stark and Targaryen pair can make their way to The Reach for just such a purpose.

In terms of personality, Viserra has always been strong-willed, the fire of her house burning strongly in her veins. She's been something of a prodigy when it comes to animals and horsemanship, but has never had any patience for lady-like arts such as dancing or needlepoint. Her aversion to passivity and love of the outdoors are likely one of the many reasons her parents thought her suited to a northern husband.

RP Hooks

Aspiring Dragon Rider Viserra is always looking for more places to learn about or become close to Dragons. Want to help? Teach? Criticize? Come on down!

Northern Husband Viserra and Bryce's marriage is something of a conversation starter. Approve? Disapprove? Have opinions or assumptions? Drop on by.

Direwolf It's no secret that Viserra's husband, Bryce, has a wolf the size of a small pony following him around most of the time. Questions or concerns about the creature that you don't want to take up with Ser Lord Stark personally? You could bring them up with his wife.


  • Wealth:Opulent
  • Short Temper
  • Vengeful
  • Ambidextrous
  • Charismatic
  • Blood of the Dragon

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Husband - Viserra's husband of the past ten years. Though rumor has it they got off to a rough start, anyone who has seen them together recently can attest to how much the pair care for one another. Though they disagree often, on a variety of topics, they are always civil, if not playful in their disagreement.


<Direwolf> - He cuts an intimidating figure, but Sentinel is really just an over-sized puppy, unless you give him reason to take issue. It's clear from their interaction that Viserra loves the wolf dearly.


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