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Farris Patton
Farris Patton as Visenya (Targaryen) Martell
Name: Visenya (Targaryen) Martell
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: Dorne
Organization: House Martell
Occupation: Crazed Beauty
Rank: Princess
Age: Jul 21 101 (21)


This young woman possesses delicate, refined features that give her a rather stately beauty. She is tall and willowy with subtle curves. Her nose is long and graceful, and her lips full and the color of coral. She has high cheekbones that are accompanied by a high forehead. Well-shaped silvery white brows arch over large almond shaped eyes that are a vivid amethyst in color; they would be the epitome of beauty if they did not dart about so suspiciously. Her hair is a silvery white in color, and is straight. Unbound, it stops at the back of her knees. However, she commonly wears it in various elaborate updos. Her clothes seem to change as quickly as her moods, but they are always lovely and lavish, and her jewels always a perfect accompaniment.


RP Hooks

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  • Blood of the Dragon
  • Infamous: Crazed Beauty
  • Pyromaniac
  • Perfectionist
  • Mood Swings
  • Wealth: Opulent

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Twin - Daevon and Visenya came into the world together, and when they were younger she always thought they'd be together for most of their time on it. She loves her brother. Not in a romantic way, despite her insistence that they wed. The marriage has nothing to do with romantic feelings and everything to do with tradition and keeping the family line pure. When Daevon left Dragonstone three years ago it devastated Visenya.

It looked as if the twins were feuding after Visenya married Torren Martell because Daevon did not marry Mariya Martell, but it seems that Visenya has forgiven her brother, and has even convinced the Martells to allow him back into Dorne.


Sister and detractor - Visenya's relationship with Cerys is complicated. She cares about her because Cerys is her sister, and that should mean something. But, Cerys is crazy ALL the time. No one bothers to address it because she doesn't throw things or get violent like Visenya does when she has her fits, but at least Visenya realizes that she's mad, and for the most part tries to manage it. Cerys has a false sense of the world, and believes Visenya is evil. Visenya accepts this as partially her own fault. She's always been jealous of the attention their mother lavished on Cerys, and poor Cerys is often a target of Visenya's wrath during her fits. Her last straw, however, was when Cerys accused her of stealing Garvin Tyrell from her. Cerys constantly wept at the idea of marrying him! Visenya was trying to save her from a marriage she didn't want! Not a lot that Cerys does bothers Visenya, but this? It hurt her quite a bit.


Uncle - Visenya found 'Uncle Dhraegon' innocuous until his betrothal to her friend Marsei Hightower. The idea of her old deranged uncle marrying her beautiful young friend seems to disturb Visenya despite Marsei's consent to the match. After Marsei made her understand that it was what she wanted Visenya relented a little, and now she is back to thinking the Prince is just harmless and touched. Or is he?


Uncle - Visenya was infatuated with her lethal Uncle when he first came to Oldtown. Now that she's grown wiser she realizes that there is something self-destructive and dangerous in the Prince of Ashes that she would rather not tamper with. Still, she is fond of him, and counts him as a reliable ally.


Husband - Visenya was unhappy in regards to her Martell match as it ended any chances that she might be with Rhaegor, and she feared she would have to marry one of Princess Amarei's aging brothers. Prince Torren has been a pleasant surprise: they seem to be in agreement on most things, enjoy each other's company, and none could find fault in the Prince's countenance. She thought it would be hard to love him because of her previous entanglement with Rhaegor, but Visenya is surprised at how quickly she has become fond of her husband. During their betrothal he was often the only friend she had, and it would be a lie to say there is no attraction between them. That he is powerful and politically savvy doesn't hurt.

The year that they have been married has been one of the happiest of Visenya's life. For the first time in her life, despite the hatred many of the Dornish have towards her, she feels like she belongs and she is free. That her talents are utilized instead of ignored because she is a woman. In Torren Visenya has found more than a man to love. She has found a mission and a cause to rally behind.


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