Character Details
Maria Doyle Kennedy
Maria Doyle Kennedy as Viola
Name: Viola
Aliases: Vi
Organization: House Tyrell
Occupation: Servant
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: May 26 77 (46)


A woman somewhere in her fortieth decade but looking older, she's common, dressed in the unadorned, buttoned-up fashion of a housemaid that is a dull, minty colour vaguely reminiscent of House Tyrell. She has thick brown, nearly auburn hair, tied back in a practical bun except for a swathe in front that's easily tucked behind the ear. She has a solid frame, broad of shoulder and wide of hip. There's a no-nonsense look about her her face, which is sort of long and sort of squared; no one feature stands out above another, made up of sort ofs. Even her eyes are a pale but not startling blue and sort of have a violet tinge, only in brightness. The lines of her light-skinned face are engraved, particularly her smile lines and the tenser mark between her brows; she's earned them, and though she's aged harder than the sum of her years, it suits her. She's the kind of woman who might as well have been this age all her life, as it might be difficult to imagine she was ever a naive youthful kitchenmaid.


Viola is a hard-working servant who's worked the houses and kitchens of nobles for decades. She's been a kitchenmaid, cook, and housekeeper. She doesn't much like to talk about herself except where she's worked, which is what she's done all her life. She was always a natural manager, easy to take charge and settle disputes among servants (or cause them, if someone needed ousting), mostly loyal and always respectful to her betters, and constantly had an eye on gaining higher position, usually one of authority over the other servants of her station. She's worked for House Rykker of the Dun Fort in Duskendale, a nobly owned manse in King's Landing and another nobly owned estate in the Reach, where she was nearly steward in all but title, rather irreplaceable to the family for many a year. However, when the estate owner passed away, shaking up the management, she moved on to work for the Tyrells at Garden Isle Manse, Oldtown's home-away-from-Highgarden, where she'd arrived with good and solid references and already has her sharp eye on becoming Head Housekeeper.

RP Hooks

Years of Service Vi has worked in numerous estates over the years; she's worked at the Dun Fort for House Rykker, as well as a manse in King's Landing and a noble estate in the Reach, which are all open for connections to nobles and staff.
Years of Gossip Servants have an ear to the ground, after all, and few more than Vi, who is an incorrigible — but careful — gossip-monger. She's heard some things and probably started some of them.
House Tyrell Vi works at Garden Isle Manse.
Smallfolk Servants, labourers, shopkeepers; commoners of all kinds are likely to run into Viola, or recognize her in the spare moments she has to run errands for Garden Isle.


  • Bastard Born
  • Wealth: Poor
  • Hardy
  • Sharp Humour
  • Gossip
  • Fastidious

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Loryn Tyrell - Viola works for Ser Loryn at the Garden Isle Manse.



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