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Santiago Cabrera
Santiago Cabrera as Viggo Cockshaw
Name: Viggo Cockshaw
Aliases: The Drunk
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Cockshaw
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Jul 7 92 (28)



Viggo Cockshaw stands like every bit of a man of his wealth and privilege. His athletic figure used to his advantage with broad shoulders displaying the intricate workmanship and fine cut of his clothing, cloaked in muted tones and embroidery. Dark of hair and eye, he sports a finely tended moustache and short beard that sharpen the cut of his cheekbones and squared frame of his jaw. He moves with an odd habit, weaving side-to-side, and on point as if preparing for a duel; whether the latter is the effect of his near-constant drinking or simply habit, it is hard to say. Most distinctly, atop his head he wears an unfashionable hat with a feather protruding from its band.


The third of the sons of the Cockshaw main line, dark eyed and strong, Viggo was well-suited to the life of knighthood laid on his shoulders. With both an heir and a spare attended, the vivacious young man with his quick reflexes and inescapably bad penchant for poetry was appropriately found a place as a squire. The Lady Aileen (nee Merryweather) found him a place with Lord Owne Merryweathers sons, a tourney knight of mild reknown and excellent manners. Young Viggo excelled at the sword, the horse, and the spear, and found that his courtly manner and natural boisterous only cemented his success at such events.

Soon he proved himself a far more capable and greater talent than his teacher, earning his spears readily and becoming a darling with some tournaments under his belt. He played a hand at wooing the ladies with chivalrous, if terrible poetry. At the appropriate time, he took a squire of his own when the time came, a cousin by some line was young Jace, and the lad excelled beneath his tutelage. Life was good for a time.

There is an certain that irony that when Viggo met a woman with whom he was entirely smitten — moved from bad poetry to simply horrid poetry — she was engaged to his noble friend, Lord Brockholst Ball. Lady Katya's betrothal was accepted with a certain grace and painfully chivalrous overtures. Courtly-love at its most ridiculous. Not long after he effectively lost his squire, so close to earning his spurs, to a crippling hunting accident that took his strength. In Jace's place, out of kindness, his younger brother was accepted. Poor Kevyn did not receive the same caliber of teacher, instead finding a man who with the death of his friend was more often drunk than sober.

Now, only recently returned to Oldtown, carrying with him some infamy as a tourney knight of some fame and rumored murderer (although some say it was the wife of the departed Lord Ball), Ser Viggo Cockshaw has not seen the city in some months. His return now is shaped by a mix of drink and determination: to find who that killed his friend. What that will mean for him remains to be seen…

RP Hooks

  • Tournament Knight: As a semi-retired tournament knight, Ser Viggo has been all over Westeros to participate in the jousts and duels.
  • Infamous: Maybe Murderer: Did Ser Viggo kill Lord Ball? Rumors are uncertain and everyone has their own opinion.
  • Hunter and Horseman: Viggo enjoys the ride and hunt as well as any noble man. He can be found on the outskirts of the city at times, stretching his horse's legs.
  • Drunk: Wine. Ale. Mead. Cider. Viggo is easy to rope into nearly any situation beginning and ending with spirits.


  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Ambidextrous
  • Vengeful
  • Infamous: Maybe Murderer
  • Chivalrous Drunk

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My Squire - Good lad. Not as good as his brother. In many ways he is not the knight-to-be that his brother Jace was; he is foolish, distracted, needs the lessons of a blade beaten into him. And yet, he finds honor and valor in simple deeds. Dolphin's bane indeed. In the end of it, once he earns his spurs, I've a suspicion that he'll be a better knight than he knows. A better knight than I am.


Cousin - She cares not what others think of her, carving her own place in a world that would not see her with a blade. If I was a proper gentleman, I'd be horrified of her position. That, I am not. I am queerly proud. I find myself humbled and honored to have her at my side in these dark times.



It's Complicated - She might think that I killed her husband, but her eyes still look like the moon. It's an unfortunate mistake, really.


A Blackrood - There's more than a little history to this man.


Tyrell Knight - A man I had thought so sour as to bitter wine. Here I find myself deeply grateful to have him at my side. I will no ride without him.


A Lady - Charming creature. Damned lucky we found that place with all these pissant winding streets, no moss for the buildings. Alas.


Lord - I cannot reprimand his house for the aid they have given. But…

The Rest


Knight - TBD


Knight - Eyes like a hawk on this one. Or some great lizard. Focused.


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