Character Details
Mark Strong
Mark Strong as Vidomir Bolton
Name: Vidomir Bolton
Aliases: vid
Faction: The North
Organization: House Bolton
Occupation: Former head of house
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Sep 22 92 (28)



Despite his stature of six foot two, the most eye catching feature of this youngish-looking man is the scar stretching back about four inches from the left corner of his mouth to his cheek. It looks almost as if someone had tried to widen the one side of his mouth, but was ultimately stopped before he got to far and the skin was stitched back together. Beyond this one mar, the rest of his skin seems to be unblemished. He keeps himself well shaved, even on the top of his head, and his body seems to be just as well maintained.
When not in armor, he wears a thick, black velvet doublet with intricate, red stitching and a 'flayed man' patch on his breast. His breeches are of a fine make, sturdly crafted and thick enough to keep out the cold and avoid tears.


As is the way, Vidomir Bolton was brought up in the Dreadfort under the watchful eye of his father, Lord Agmar Bolton. To outsiders, the aging Lord played the part of a wholesome, redeemed, suave, and personable man — a man who was seemingly trying to do away with the ceepy Bolton image. However, in his castle, with his sworn men and servants, Lord Agmar maintained the Bolton traditions. In secret, the Dreadfort still maintained the rooms specifically designed for flaying their enemies, still sought to regain their lost power. Once, they were one of the greatest houses, fighting nobly against the Starks and their tyrannic rule. Lord Agmar never let his son forget this, and Vidomir learned deception and lies at his father's knee. Training, always training, the young lordling prepared to take over when his father would eventually meet his end. Prepared to continue the Bolton legacy, and with luck, claim more power and prestige then even the Stark's.

When, at last, his father passed away, the Bolton lands fell into Vidomir's grasp. As the Head of the Bolton family, he lead them as his father had taught him, playing the polite, loyal young Lord for all the realm, while secretely keeping the household traditions. Eventually, however, he realized he could only do so much from the Dreadfort. Leaving one of his most trusted men behind to serve as Castellan until he returned, and set off for Oldtown, following the rumors that a great many Lords had journeyed to the trade city for various reasons.

RP Hooks

*He's a Bolton! He plays the suave, smooth part, but there are some reputations you just can't shake. Especially when your house sigil is a flayed man.

*He's not just any Bolton, either… When his father, Lord Agmar Bolton died, Vidomir became the Head of House and Lord of the Dreadfort. It's a creepy old place, but the Bolton's still command some respect up North.

*Word is, Vidomir knows how to tan some leather… Best not contemplate too long on where and why he picked up such an odd skill for a Lord…


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Iron Stomach
  • Arrogant
  • Authoritative
  • Scarred

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Lord Agmar Bolton
Father - The previous Lord Bolton and Vidomir's late father. Wasn't a very loving relationship…


Liege Lord - Lord of the North and Vidomir's liege lord. House Bolton swore their loyalty to the Stark's long ago, and despite the historically bad blood between their houses, Vidomir respects Cregan.


Newfound Ally - Lady Mormont and the head of Bear Island. A fierce warrior and ally of House Bolton. Definitely someone Vidomir wants to stay on the good side of.


Betrothed - Sister to Maera, and recently betrothed to Vidomir. The marriage may be intended to cement the alliance between the Mormonts and Boltons, but there's a definite friendship already in the works there.


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