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Luke Evans
Luke Evans as Vhaegor Targaryen
Name: Vhaegor Targaryen
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: The Crownlands
Organization: Targaryen
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Prince
Age: Jun 20 98 (24)


With dark hair and dark eyes, this man who claims the Blood of Dragons bares no sign of the traditional Targaryen features. He stands near enough to six feet to make no difference, his limbs rough and cut, baring the telltale signs of extended physical labor. The dark mane of hair atop his head is kept a respectable shoulder-length, and he maintains the ghost of a goatee on his chin. He wears a doublet of red satin and brown leather with several ornate clasps holding it closed over a white tunic. On his hip sits a thick leather sword belt, usually equipped with a beautifully crafted longsword in a dark wooden scabbard.


Vhaegor Targaryen was born a nephew of the current king, Viserys I Targaryen. His father had the blood of Dragons, but was considered a naive and meek member of the Targaryen family, so far down the line of succession as to barely even merit mentioning. A match was made for him to a well placed Baratheon lady who was largely considered the fiercer of the two. Whether it was that vitality in her blood, or simple chance, her first born son, Vhaegor, bore her features — black hair and dark eyes. Many joked that, as usual, her blood won out, but some questioned whether Vhaegor was Targaryen at all, claiming that his father was cuckolded and that Vhaegor was a bastard. At first, Vhaegor was too young to understand what these whispers and taunts meant, but as he grew older, they enraged him and he brought the matter to his father's attention, thinking he must be unaware to allow such rumors to continue. He found that his father knew all about the rumors, but as usual, was too meek to quiet them. It was Vhaegor's mother that told him, in order to combat the rumors, he would have to 'counter doubt with loyalty, and scorn with indifference.' He learned to shut out the taunts and gossip, and instead focused on improving both his body and mind so that when the time came to prove his loyalty, he would be able to.

As he grew older, Vhaegor was taken as a Page and then a Squire by Rhaegor Targaryen. Eventually, he participated in many tourneys and melees, besting a number of strong competitors to secure his first win at the age of seventeen. When Rhaegor's dragon was slain by Qarthian Warlocks, Vhaegor, acting as his squire, accompanied him on his campaign and participated in the very battles that would give his cousin his bloody epithet. Vhaegor returned to Westeros a battle-tested knight and pledged his sword in service to the crown. After several years of service, Vhaegor has heard of Rhaegor's journey to Oldtown and has made arrangements to travel to the port city himself.

RP Hooks

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  • Wealth: Opulent — There may be nasty rumors, but at the moment, he's still officially recognized as the Blood of the Dragon and therefore he has access to the vast wealth of the Targaryens. At least part of it.
  • Loyal — Born of a desire to prove the naysayers wrong, Vhaegor has devoted himself entirely to the crown and his family.
  • Anointed Knight — Anointed on the eve of battle, perhaps, but anointed nonetheless. Vhaegor is a knight in the eyes of the Seven and in the service of the crown.
  • Ambidextrous — Ambidexterity can come in HANDY, it's said, and to that end Vhaegor trained himself to use both hands, primarily to use a sword in each if necessary.
  • Learned — Though he was born with a fair amount of intelligence, Vhaegor saw the necessity of a trained mind as much as he did a trained body and focused hard on his lessons with his Maester. While he's no trained scholar, he has talked at length with several Maesters and has a fair grasp of quite a few subjects.
  • Doubtful Lineage — The color of his hair and eyes has left more than a few to doubt his claimed Targaryen heritage. Many say his mother's stronger personality won out over his meeker father and the result was Vhaegor's dark hair and eyes, but others claim his father was cuckolded and Vhaegor is in fact, a bastard.
  • Danger Magnet — Vhaegor's determination to overcome the stain of doubt on his heritage has lead him to be a bit reckless at times, and in turn, to bite off more than he can necessarily chew.

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