The Flower of Oldtown
Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried as Veronica
Name: Veronica
Aliases: Very
Faction: The Reach
Organization: None
Occupation: Courtesan
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: Nov 23 96 (24)


She is a luminous, rare beauty, a woman composed of lines and curves like a priceless instrument, aching loveliness informing every feature: the slender elegance of her throat, the grace of her exquisitely turned limbs, the poetic sweep of her spine. Westerosi, without a doubt, she's a pale flower, skin flawless and velvet as the petals of a blushing rose. Breathtaking blue eyes, large and wide-set, are perfectly shaped for sidelong, hooded glances, tilted and feline. Her lips are full and sweetly shaped, mouth wide and winsome above an elfin chin.

Her golden hair is worn down without a single comb or jewel, rippling nearly to her waist, its own point of fascination, needing no ornament. Her shoulders are bared by off-the-shoulder crimson sleeves 'neath a corset-boned bodice of deeper red, gold-shot brocade. Long and voluminous silk skirts are draped and gathered for dramatic swishes as she walks, occasionally displaying dainty brocade slippers that match the bodice of her gown.


Veronica, the famed Flower of Oldtown, is a courtesan famous throughout the Reach.

RP Hooks/Play Notes

  • Fame — The title 'Flower of Oldtown' — originally her mother's — carries more years of fame and influence than Veronica herself has been alive, but she still benefits from the recognition. Those native to the Reach likely know of the great bidding war, and allegedly staggering price paid for, her virginity, years ago… and that the winning bid was famously made by Viserys Targaryen, himself.
  • Framily in High Places — Penellen Flowers, the original Flower of Oldtown and Veronica's mother, was Lord Osgar Hightower's bastard. Not that anyone in the High Tower is obliged to acknowledge the bastard of a bastard, certainly, but the information is well and widely known.
  • Not a Whore — A true courtesan is far more than an expensive whore. Women in this profession are raised with much the same privilege and educational opportunities as noble ladies. They are companions to kings, princes, and great lords, as comfortable in the drawing room as the bedroom, able to converse on a wide variety of subjects, ride out on the hunt, provide comfort and advice in a world where even wives and one's own family cannot be trusted. A courtesan's reputation is more valuable than rubies, her client's confidence sacrosanct as confessions to a septon, and she cannot be had for gold, alone.
  • Becoming a Client — A courtesan is companion to only a select few persons at any one time, so that her none of her clientele suffer for lack of her attention. The application process — and there is one, though it doesn't involve a lot of forms and bureaucracy — is stringent. Generally, interest is expressed by missive to the courtesan's place of residence, and is followed by an invitation to tea. It would take a very, very important person, indeed, to make it past the door without an invitation. Tea is a genteel interview, where the potential client is assessed for compatibility on a number of counts. Sex doesn't enter the equation, and this visit doesn't process past the parlor.


  • Wealth:Comfortable
  • Counselor
  • Fame:Flower of Oldtown
  • Golden Voice

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