- A handsome young man
? as Varys
Name: Varys
Aliases: Varys
Faction: The Free Cities
Organization: -
Occupation: Bastard, we might just be relatives.
Rank: -
Age: 16

Many of us have our secrets, Some of them are darker than others. Some secrets are meant to be kept.. even unto death..


The young man before you, looking to be in his late teens stands at a height of 5'9" and weighing around 167 pounds, of an athletic build. His sheer confidence seems to radiate around and about him wherever he goes.

The young man could easily be considered rather handsome, His facial features well sculpted and holding the markers from a good genetic stock if not noble in nature. Blonde hair so light it looks like spun silver in the right light is brushed back into place, framing his face as bangs feather lightly on over an eye every now and then and often hiding faintly a wicked grin, the hair coming to just above shoulder length. Perfect full boyish lips with rounded ears, well defined cheeks with flawlessly, smooth shaven skin show the full definition of the man's handsome and what some might consider beautiful features. While for such a young, cocky age cold, intelligent, startling violet eyes with small flecks of gold miss nothing as they seem to carry within them a deeper instinctual madness and chaotic energy surging within.

Currently Varys is wearing a simple doublet of black leather over a light weight dark green shirt. A thick leather belt wrapped around his waist holding the doublet closed with a pair of thin daggers of Braavosi orgins and style strapped along the back able to be glimpsed now and then beneath the pouches meant to at least partially conceal the blades existance.

Varys's lower form is concealed beneath a pair of light weight black wrap around style pants that are tucked into a pair of soft soled leather boots.


The following information should not be used ICLY it is here completely OOCLY as a glimpse into the history of Varys and how he came to be who he is and what he is. Please do not attempt to use any portions of this background as IC knowledge without speaking with the player first.
Varys was born out of a moment of passion between his father Aerion Targaryen and a woman from Dorne rumored to have been a member of the Martel Family. At birth he was taken away and raised by his father's family until at the age of 6 he was to accompany his father the kings spymaster to the Free City of Braavos. On this trip his father securing the death of another noble's heir and in order to further his own power and wealth gave Varys to the HoBoW as payment for the service. The young boy never to see his father again and in his eyes never to see home again.%r%t It was a harsh lesson in life for the youth to be bargained away by his own father all so that he might have another killed and to amass more power and wealth. The lesson was that even blood can not be trusted, And so he found another to put his trust in. Under the guidance of others at the HoBoW he began to put his trust in the many faced god or as he had known him in Westeros the Stranger.

With his new home and life sealed in the House of black and white the boy gave himself fully to his new studies.. his new path in life far from the gilded halls of Westeros and the life of priveledge that even as a bastard he had known. Varys learning how to use his more athletic and what some might consider smaller stature to better serve the many faced god. But it was not all training in how to kill, how to be unseen, or how to best manuever through places where few would wish to wander. It was also a life of service, seeing to the ill, the hopeless, the forgotten.. Giving to those who came to the House seeking peace their last comforts and the only water that would ever pass their lips again in this life.

near 11 years is much time to be spent with the faceless men walking their path and learning their ways, and proving his worth to Him of Many Faces.. his devotion. A lifetime away from all he had known, but sometimes one must return.. And so he is, to give the gift of the faceless god to those in Westeros.. to allow them a glimpse of who the Stranger truly is.. Not one to be feared but one to be cherished like a lover in the night.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Sept: Those within the Sept may recognize Varys as a nighttime visitor.. Often staying near the least visited of the Seven.
  • Blood of the Dragon: Targaryen by blood, born a bastard to a lady of House Martell and presumed dead since 6 years old.
  • Distinct Features: When Varys is himself his features may seem distinct to some, a classic and near regal combination of the Targaryen and Martell Families
  • The Stranger: Not all prayers to the stranger are heard, But Varys does hear some may even answer them.


  • Ambidexterous:
  • Keen Sense - Hearing:
  • Tough:
  • Worldly:
  • Never Forgets a face:
  • Blood of the Dragon:

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