Character Details
Zach McGowan
Zach McGowan as Vardis Corbray
Name: Vardis Corbray
Aliases: The Black Crow of Corbray
Faction: The Vale
Organization: House Corbray
Occupation: Knight & Reaver
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: 37


The man before you is a tall specimen. Broad shouldered and his body shows a line of muscle, which means his life's pursuits have not been those of comforts. On arms and neck, thick chords of muscle lie underneath tanned skin. He has a lean face, and a crooked jaw that is matched by black scruff. The tip of his left ear has been cut off, and on that same ear a silver loop hangs. His hair is long and brown and kept back from his face. His eyes are the colour of the sea, with flecks of violet.

Vardis is dressed in a dark shirt, which is tucked into well worn leather breeches. These sport patches of leather and cloth, as repairs have been needed. These breeches are tucked into stained leather boots that are common with raiders and sailors. Over his shirt Black leather vest of sorts is worn, the tails dancing above his knees. In this a few plates have been sewn in under, though it'd be ahrd to distinguish. Over his shoulders and hiding any armor word is a thick leather coat, stained from years at sea, and about his waist a dull red sash is worn and over that a sword belt and arming belt are kept, where his blades lie. Gauntlets in which the fingers have been removed are worn over his hands-and there dull black steel plate is secured as well as small spikes at the knuckles. About his neck a scarf of a deep wine is worn loosely. The only sign of his hose is a silver pin worn at his lapel, keeping a flap of the coat from his face.


RP Hooks

Big Drinker Vardis is a known partier, when he is not out hunting or fighting. Maybe you've engaged in drunken exploits or shenanigans with him?
Go Raiding? Vardis is a known reaver and raider. Mainly he goes down to Dorne, or he'll sail against the Iron Islands, looking to catch ships after they've rolled on the riverlands or the Arbor. So yes he is a pirate of sorts. But he's one that hunts and attacks other pirates. So there's some profit there.


Wealth:Comfortable Famous Knight
Outdoorsman Reaver
Veteran: Dorne Loves to Drink



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