Character Details
Lily Donaldson
Lily Donaldson as Lady Valora Hightower
Name: Lady Valora Hightower
Aliases: Val
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Hightower
Occupation: Noblewoman
Rank: Noble Lady
Age: Aug 21 102 (19)


Valora Hightower is a rather short young woman, standing at a mere five foot two inches. She looks young likely around her late teen years. Hair of a light sunshine blonde falls down her back reaching to her waist. At the moment it is loose the silky tresses left free-falling down her back in a rather scandalous fashion. There are a few small braids scattered throughout that other wise loose hair. Fluttering ribbons of pale pink silk hold the braids in place. Thin blonde brows are neatly trimmed into an arch. Almond shaped eyes are large and framed by thick dark lashes. Their color is a deep ocean blue bright and expressive. High cheekbones sit under those eyes and a long, pointed and upturned nose leads down to a set of full pouty lips painted a dark rose pink that is almost red. Fair skin is light in shade, fair and without a single visible flaw. A slender neck leads down to a petite yet perfectly proportioned body.

Todays gown is a low necked number of pale pink silk. The neckline is dangerously low and rounded revealing the top of a pair of full breasts. A necklace of pale gold in the shape of a delicate rose vine in full bloom rests against the bare skin above her breasts. Lacing up in the back with pink ribbons the corset style of the gown pushes her perky breasts up even further. The material is tight about her waist and off the shoulders slightly, the sleeves when they do begin are loose and made of airy almost transparent pink silk. The skirts are made in a similar fashion as the sleeves however they are cut quite short in the front reaching just below her knees with the back of the dress forming a flowing train behind her as she walks. The cut is daring and the layers of silk flutter around her toned legs highlighting the smooth pale skin in a teasing fashion. A pair of heeled slippers of matching pink are worn to match this rather daring gown.


Valora Hightower was almost always compared to her siblings. How could that not happen though? One was Queen of the realm and another Lord of Oldtown. She had other siblings too and yet none of them seemed to catch her attention as much as the first two, the two her parents wanted her to emulate. Valora was a charming girl she had a smile that could light up a room and when she wanted something she charmed others into getting it. She was fascinated with the arts and a skilled dancer, singer and actress as well. She could ride a horse and up until her thirteenth year she was every noblemans dream.

However Valora overheard a conversation between her parents, they were trying to marry her off to a lord three times her age! Worse of all he was ugly. Valora took to rebellion after that, she drank excessively, flirted with other more handsome men, and danced around in scandalous fashions that made old ladies gasp and faint. It was no surprise when the Lord who had wanted to marry her before withdrew his offer. Valora was scolded and sent off to Kings Landing to her sister in hopes that she would calm back down. However new habits had been formed…and Valora loved them to much to quit.

She had fun in Kings Landing and started as many nasty rumors about other ladies as they started about her. She was a scandal and her shameless nature had people angry, confused, and, enamored with her boldness, perhaps not all at once but I'm sure you get the idea. Either way she was in King's Landing for three years before her sister shipped her home to Oldtown with a letter to Ormund Hightower saying she wasn't to set another foot in the capital until she settled down. And so she is home again and eager to see what sort of trouble she can stir up.

RP Hooks

  • The Black Sheep of House Hightower How many Hightowers get kicked out of King's Landing by order of the Queen herself? Valora is the wild and vibrant stain on her Houses otherwise fairly spotless reputation. Targaryen's and Hightowers alike would know of her and thier opinions may vary.
  • Loves Liquor Oh yes she does. Valora is very fond of wine, ale, mead, whiskey, brandy and anything else that gets you drunk. She is a frequent patron of taverns throughout Oldtown and some whisper that she knows enough about booze to run her own tavern.
  • Where Did My Money Go Shopping and gambling are two of Valora's favorite hobbies. She has been known to spend a small fortune on gowns, shoes, accessories and there is a rumor every piece of furniture in her suite was made custom for her. Cards and dice are another way she spends her money and she has gotten pretty good at gambling, even going so far as to start plans to host parties for te nobility who share her interest.


  • Wealth: Opulent As a member of the main branch of the Hightower House Valora's family has enough gold to support her frivolous lifestyle until they by some miracle marry her off.
  • Beautiful Valora is rather pretty and she is well aware of this fact. She uses her looks to attract attention, to manipulate, or simply to have good time.
  • Party Animal Drinks, Music, Dancing and Drinking Songs oh my! Valora loves all these things and if there is a party she is there and if not she will start one of her own.
  • Shameless A flirt without much restraint if Valora is interested in someone she is quite forward about it. She is very bold. She also doesn't hold back and when she wants something, she will have it.

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