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Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee as Valjean Soze/Javer Tyrelle
Name: Valjean Soze/Javer Tyrelle
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Faction: Faction/Regional Fealty
Organization: The Iron Bank
Occupation: Investments and Collections
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Age: 33


He is a tall man, long of limb with just enough muscle on the bone to avoid being classified as reedy. His skin is pale, a near ashen color more suited to the charnel house than on any living soul. Dark hair recedes a bit on either side of his forehead, still black but beginning to gray at the temples. Wide golden eyes sit above a decidedly patrician nose and an almost razor thin mouth, jaw strong and neck thick on the otherwise lean physique. His doublet and cloak are both the deepest shade of night, and he bears six bands on three fingers of each hand, four being of iron and two of gold, though these are completely unadorned. He is often seen leaning on a cane of polished oak, the hourglass and hands of the Iron bank etched into the wood, the grip silver which terminates into the downward curved head of an eagle.


Javer Tyrell (a second son and second cousin of the main line) was apprenticed to serve the keyholder Valgan Sostorze in exchange for forgiveness of debt and as collateral for future loans. The keyholder, a known eccentric, wished to see if a noble scion forced into such circumstances could thrive and perhaps make a better future for himself than he had originally possessed. Javer was trained in a variety of disciplines and skills, whether it be in handling smaller business interests of his patrons or providing support to the various…ancillary activities that were required to maintain Valgan's business and financial empire both within and without the hold of the Bank. This culminated in a two year long drive of horses from the Dothraki lands into the city of Braavos itself. To celebrate this achievement and to consummate his rebranding he renamed himself Valjean Soze, in tribute to his teacher. Ten years later, much enhanced in status and serving as a near right hand to Valgan, Soze now journeys southeast to make something of himself out from under the immediate gaze and protection of his patron to make some of his own fortune, and to assay the status of certain troublesome accounts that are left open.

RP Hooks

  • Agent of the Iron Bank - Although he does not deal in the world shaking loans that topple kingdoms, he has enough discretionary funds to provide capital to proportionally smaller economic ventures. He also will provide financial advise and do work on accounts for a fee…and in all likelihood he is among those called when the larger fish default. Or maybe you're looking for a job and have heard Valjean occasionally handles 'special projects'….
  • Trainer of Beasts - Even those of the Iron Bank have their hobbies and their passions, and Valjean is no exception. As long as its not an equine, chances are he can get it for you and teach if more than a few tricks.
  • Blue Blooded Financier - It would not take too much effort to find out that Soze was originally Tyrell. Though he has distanced himself from the House some ties still run deep, and there are worse alliances one could make than one who wears the skin of a noble _and_ a banker.
  • Helpful Hands and Attentive Ears - Trustworthy assets are always a treasured thing. Skilled professionals, nobles down on their luck, or those looking to have favor from the agent and the Bank (who can say where one begins and one ends) may apply to be of assistance.


  • Ambidextrous - Valjean has been trained to utilize both hands with equal facility, though as a matter of preference he writes with his right and wields a weapon in his left.
  • Animal Whisperer - A perhaps unusual element to Valjean's training under Volgan was an emphasis on the training and use of animals. Dogs, falcons, and ravens were all a part of his education, though Valjean naturally gravitates to large snakes, and possesses two large constrictors, Fantine and Cosette.
  • Unless Its Horses. Horses Are Evil - The exception to Valjean's talent and affinity for animals are horses. He understand which end is the right one and the very basics of the beasts, but his team driving them through the seas of grass and more than a few pointed Dothraki pranks have left him with an undying contempt for the beasts, which horses no matter the region share.
  • Friends in High and Low Places - Valjean has been managing a large portion of the personnel who answer to Volgan for over a decade now, and even so far from Braavos he has the ear and the loyalty of more than a few individuals in a variety of social strata. Those who perform even innocuous services are
  • Professional's Code - Valjean is not a squeamish man, but he has a distaste for excessive cruelty or poor business practices. He will avoid lies where possible, will try to avoid killing, and will always honor a contract even at the cost of material or social loss.
  • Open Secret, Tyrell Scion - It is not that difficult to learn that Donnal Tyrell had a son, and that he was bargained off to the Iron Bank. Though Valjean will not deny the connection, he seems to have little use for his noble heritage save for the doors it may open.

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Valgan Sostorze

Valgan Sostorze
Patron and Mentor -Few know the mind of the man behind the silver mask, and even Valjean as his most fervent disciple cannot claim to know which way his heart turns. A formidable teacher and a strict egalitarian behind his amiable mien, Valjean would never call him a nice man, but he is the measure by which he measures a /good/ man.


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