Lady Valerity Redwyne
Rooney Mara
Rooney Mara as Lady Valerity Redwyne
Name: Lady Valerity Redwyne
Aliases: Val
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Hightower
Occupation: Infamy
Rank: Noble Lady
Age: 26


She's coltish and fine-boned, deftly hewn and striking from high, clear brow to finely turned ankles. Long limbs and bony prominences, her body is a collection of sweeping lines and uncompromising angles, slender and pale. Her hair is chestnut brown, contrasting dramatically with her porcelain skin. Eyes of deep, velvet blue create further contrast, arresting and surrounded by lashes so thick they give the illusion of being lined with khol. Her nose is straight, her mouth expressuve, just barely a blush of rose, the lower lip fuller than that above. She has the look of a masterwork in stone, symmetrical and classicaly lovely, marred only by two small beauty marks: one on the right, just above the line of her jaw, the other on her left cheekbone.


Valerity is a scarlet lady, unsuitable for a good marriage and, quite possibly, injurious to other ladies' reputations by association alone. Exiled from the Arbor at the tender age of ten and four, she was taken into her uncle Lord Ormund Hightower's household, possibly in hope that her reputation wouldn't follow her to Oldtown. With Lady Juleen, her aunt, as a champion in society, this may very well have been the case — but Juleen's passing left the girl friendless and defenseless. She had a roof over her head and the trappings of a high noble lady, but that was certainly all.

She hasn't made friends easily, even among her cousins. Out of necessity or perversity, she's embraced the life of a spinster and loner, her outcast status affording her freedoms that being a good lady never could. She goes where she will, within reason, and does what she wants. Little has ever been expected of her — until now. Now, at this latest of hours, she's being fobbed off in marriage to some poor dupe of House Reyne. What he did to deserve her, Seven only know, but wagering types believe she'll be a widow before she's been wed a year.


  • Infamous — What, exactly, did Valerity do to be banished from her family? Sources vary on this point. Almost certainly she's no maid, and this is possibly the result of an affair with a married man… Or maybe a Septon. Or the family Maester. Others will swear it was a lowborn pirate she sullied herself with. One particularly salacious spin on the story puts her with all four. Some say she killed her bastard child to hide her disgrace, but was discovered. Others say it was one of her own sisters she killed, insane with jealousy. Is she mad as a Targaryen? Quite possibly so. Whatever her actual sins, her reputation has a life all its own.
  • Devout — Perhaps burdened by the weight of her many sins, Valerity spends a great deal of time at the Starry Sept, in prayer. One may find her coming or going from the sept at almost any hour, often more than once a day.
  • Headstrong — With her reputation already sullied beyond repair, Valerity's been left to her own devices most of her adult life. She has her own opinions and does what she likes, answering to no one.
  • Wealth: Hard Times — While Valerity lives a life of privilege, still, as a noble in the Hightower household, the trappings of nobility can be deceiving. She has very little of her own, and without her uncle's continued largesse would be in penury.

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Betrothed - This is the man who would be my husband. He's entirely inoffensive. More's the pity.


Uncle - My mother's sister's widower. He was kind enough, once upon a time, to allow his wife's compassionate impulse and take on a ruined fosterling. I cannot say, in all these years, I've come to know him any better than than… yet I live by his largesse: anything I can call mine is truly his.


Friend? I think I might like Amadys, an outrageous flirt and ne'er-do-well, if we ever had a proper conversation.


Little Bird - So terribly young, but arguably better equipped to handle the world than I ever was. With those knives, probably better equipped to handle the world than I am now.


Fellow outcast - Princess Mariya Martell of Dorne. I can't say she's someone I would have befriended under normal circumstances — she's a bit too fatuously determined to see the world in terms of unicorns shitting rainbows — but since the tide of public opinion has turned against Dorne and her household has come to be Hightower's 'guests'… I find she's really not so bad, at all.


That Florent - A very stupid, stupid man. With stupid, stupid ears.


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