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Holliday Grainger
Holliday Grainger as Valaerys Targaryen
Name: Valaerys Targaryen
Aliases: Vala
Faction: The Crownlands
Organization: House Targaryen
Occupation: Healer
Rank: Princess
Age: Feb 22 102 (21)


Small of stature, often the first word to come to mind when confronted with this young woman is 'dainty'. She can't possibly stand more than a few inches over five feet at the most, so it's no surprise that she is so often overlooked. She's very pretty, with soft features and pale, milky skin, but there's a youthfulness to her face that lends her an air of innocence. But there is no escaping family blood; Valaerys' is betrayed in the pale silvery blonde of her hair and the bright violet of her eyes - the only thing about her that is vivid and intense.


Vyraena Targaryen had grown up in relative - but contented - obscurity, the only child of parents whose only remaining value was in the purity of their blood. She certainly never expected to meet the new Crown Prince's youngest brother, let alone marry him. Rare among her bloodline, Vyraena's was a sweet temper and a gentle touch. The story goes that she alone could soothe the restlessness in Aegon's bones, but whatever the reality behind the tale, their marriage happened fast and she was pregnant even faster.

The story of Valaerys and Rhaeyn's birth - as it has always been told to them - is even less believable than their parents fairytale romance. Vyraena had gone through a smooth and comfortable pregnancy; a skilled healer (a study her youth in obscurity had allowed her) she knew enough to care for her body and those growing within it. But when the time came for the birth, her little twins were breach. The girl - Valaerys - was stuck, blocking both her escape as well as her brother's. But Rhaeyn twisted and kicked and twisted and kicked until Valaerys was in the right position. She came hale and whole, but the foolish boy who followed her had the cord wrapped about his neck. It very well could have killed him - would have killed anyone else - but her brother's talent for getting away with everything started early.


True or not, the story of the twins' birth served as very good allegory for the rest of their lives. Valaerys was reserved, cautious and watchful, Rhaeyn was anxious to move, to go, to do. He would push her into adventure (because Seven forbid one should go anywhere without the other) whether she was ready or not. Inevitably it would go south and he would take the brunt of the punishment to make sure she got out okay… and then he'd manage to come out smelling like roses. Sometimes only with his sister's subtle help, but still. She was the thinker, the planner, the schemer; he was the lover, the charmer, the doer. They grew up quite happily on Dragonstone. Their mother had never quite recovered after their birth and despite repeated urgings by his brother after the Old King's death, Aegon - a charming, skilled and valuable diplomat - could not bear the thought of making the journey to King's Landing only to lose her to the voyage. So in Dragonstone they stayed.

Though she had inherited her mother's natural talent for healing - and, really, surpassed it in her own right - Valaerys had not gained her easy comfort and gentle bedside manner. People did not make sense and therefore they were frightening - a fear not helped by her most bizarre oddity. Gifted with visions like so many of her kin, Valaerys found that her gift manifested in a very different way. Each time she met a new person, their presence would come with a short, sharp bolt of sensation. Whether it was a flash of color or an object or a sound or a smell or a taste or a texture, everyone came with something. She never saw anything else - nothing grand or useful or important - just this. It made crowds of strangers distinctly overwhelming for her, among other, more comical results. But rather than allow her fear to drive her into seclusion, Valaerys responded in an unusual way; what was feared had to be studied, had to be understood. By undersanding, she could mitigate the fear. And she loved a good, juicy secret.


Though both rather small and fragile in appearance, neither twin is actively sickly, so when - at the age of twenty one - they finally convinced their overprotective parents to allow them to go somewhere beyond the great black stone keep, King's Landing was deemed too dangerous. The two of them have too much a tendency to find trouble, so to Oldtown it was decided they would go. The voyage was exciting enough, but now they are here and it remains to be seen what delights Oldtown has to offer the mysterious prince and princess untouched by family politics.

RP Hooks

Dragon's Blood - Are you one of the many branches off the Targaryen family tree? It's entirely possible we've met. Let's chat about how.
The King's Grace - Are you somehow affiliated with the crown or with diplomatic relations to it? As niece to the King and the daughter of a renowned diplomat, you might have met or perhaps would like to meet? We can arrange that.
Heal Thyself - Are you a patient in need of healing? A maester interested in or offended by the presence of a woman rumored to be a true savant of healing outside of your training? Let's talk!
Dragonstone Dorks - Did you also grow up on Dragonstone? Spent some significant time there over the last few decades? We've probably met! Let's talk about that.


  • Blood of the Dragon
  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Snap Judgment
  • Capriciously Eccentric
  • Hard to Read
  • Steel Trap Mind

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