Heather Marks
Heather Marks as Vaelinor Targaryen
Name: Vaelinor Targaryen
Aliases: Vael
Faction: The Crownlands
Organization: House Targaryen
Occupation: Other
Rank: Princess
Age: 18 (Jan 9, 103)


This pale, slender creature might just blow over with a strong gust of wind. With her soft features, large eyes, and small frame, there is a childlike quality about her, even as a young adult. Still, she possesses a bearing that belies her youthful visage, easily attributable to the Blood of the Dragon, for Vaelinor bears the hallmarks of the Targaryen line — her long hair is silvery blond, and her eyes a startling violet.

Vaelinor is clad in a light gown of golden cream silk, layered in lace of the same color. It is cinched at the waist with a sash of peach silk, embroidered with dragons chasing each other around her middle. The dress bares her arms, which are decorated with intricate gold bands.


Vaelinor Targaryen had a charmed childhood. Being the daughter of Valyon Targaryen and his Tyrell bride, Leyra, she wanted for little. Neither of her parents was especially powerful or influential within their respective houses, but they were well loved. They passed that love on to their children, of whom Vaelinor was the third. Her two brothers, Aeris and Rhaegan, were always fiercely protective of her.


Since she was three years old, Vaelinor had been betrothed to a Targaryen cousin. But as she grew older, certain things came to light that caused the family of her intended to withdraw from the betrothal. Some say it was the Blood of the Dragon that caused her abnormality. To most, she was a simpleton, emotionally immature and unable to grasp a number of things that others take for granted. Even simple tasks like telling time or getting dressed by herself gave her great difficulty. She couldn't understand issues like social boundaries, and would often cause offense with unwanted touching or saying something inappropriate.

But those close to Vaelinor could see that there was more to the girl than an idiot. Much more. In some areas, she was not challenged at all. Concepts like mathematics, foreign languages, music, and puzzles came to her as naturally as breathing. She was a savant, a prodigy. But to the noble world, so rigid in its form and propriety, she was shunned and ignored, save for occasionally being trotted out for a musical performance, then hidden away again as quickly as possible before she could say or do something embarrassing.

Her family did their best to look out for her, but circumstances would make it impossible for them to watch over her as they wished to. Aeris was an active courtier in the king's court, but fell victim to an assassination plot against one of the small council, eating some poisoned plums that ended up on his plate by error. His death helped to expose the plot, but that came as little consolation to the family. Rhaegan, meanwhile, had taken on vows as a septon, and he was assigned to a sept in the Riverlands, keeping him far away from his little sister.


Vaelinor's parents were getting on in their years, and when Leyra was taken by illness, Valyon was bereft. He could not care for Vaelinor himself, and he could not leave his position in King's Landing. Fortune smiled when his wife's cousin, visiting for Leyra's funeral, offered to take the girl in, having long been endeared to Vaelinor since she was a young child. So, with a tearful farewell, Valyon sent his daughter to the Reach in the hope that she would live a better life, away from the judgement and confusion of King's Landing.

RP Hooks

  • Innocent: Vael is an innocent, and tends to draw the attention of both those that would try to protect her, and those that would try to take advantage of her.
  • Prodigy: Though seemingly feeble-minded, in some things Vaelinor is truly extraordinary. The most noticeable and well known of these is her musical ability.


  • Blood of the Dragon: Like many Targaryens, she displays her heritage with silvery hair and violet eyes, and has an exceptional resistance to heat.
  • Idiot Savant: Vaelinor has numerous mental obstacles. She is viewed as a simpleton, and in many ways this is true. But her genius shines through the cracks, demonstrated in her extraordinary mathematical and music abilities.
  • Lacks Boundaries: Vael has great difficulty understanding social barriers and concepts like personal space. She is overly trusting of complete strangers, and prone to saying inappropriate things.
  • Obsessive: When Vaelinor enjoys something, she really enjoys it, pursing it to the point of obsession.
  • Sensitive to Sound: Vael's hearing is very sensitive, and she is susceptible to being overwhelmed, and even feeling physical pain, at loud noises or too much auditory stimulation.
  • Wealth: Comfortable: Though descended of Targaryens and Tyrells, Vael's family was never the richest among them. Still, they are nobles, and hardly hurting for finances. Vaelinor's stipend keeps her living comfortably.

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This noble-hearted Dornishman offered to loan his sandsteed to Vaelinor until she acquired a horse of her own. Daevon seemed to think he might have intentions toward Vael, but he pointed out his bastard origins, and insists he has no business thinking of marriage.


Vael has no idea how closely related they are, but Daevon Targaryen is obviously a cousin to some degree or another. He has treated her with utter respect and kindness, as befits a knight.


The fiery-haired woman was very kind to Vaelinor when she wandered out into the city. Vael is quite entranced by those flaming tresses.

Thessa Redwyne (nee Tyrell)

Thessa Redwyne (nee Tyrell)
Cousin: A cousin of her mother, Leyra, who had always been fond of Vaelinor, and took her in after Leyra's death. Though born a Tyrell, Thessa married Brennan Redwyne, who died in 119. (Portrayed by: Julianna Margulies)


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