Character Details
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Vaedarys Velaryon
Name: Vaedarys Velaryon
Aliases: VV
Faction: The Crownlands
Organization: The Citadel
Occupation: The Mystic Maester
Rank: Maester
Age: Nov 11 73 (49)


A son of Old Valyria, with the telltale characteristics of its long and distinguished bloodlines writ in his features. His eyes are pale violet and far-seeing, his dark hair shot through with distinguished silver. He has the impeccable carriage of a noble lord, though he wears the chains of a Maester, in Valyrian steel, silver, hues of gold and iron. His clothing is well-made of fine materials, but conservative and unremarkable in design, all of it black.


Vaedarys was born with the expectation that he'd make a fine knight of House Velaryon, and perhaps one day a dragon rider, as his Targaryen father was. But Vaedarys chose the path of a scholar, abandoning his position as a squire before he ever earned his knighthood. Academia suited the methodical inner workings of his mind far better than physical pursuits could ever hope to, though the decision wasn't much of a surprise to his parents. As a boy, he outpaced his siblings and his cousins with his voracious appetite for knowledge, often petitioning for new and more learned tutors to be summoned to Driftmark to instruct him on subjects generally of little interest to adolescents.

Little surprise, then, that his first course of action at the Citadel would be to forge his Valyrian steel links, when so few pursue the occult and arcane at all. He began publishing works, some of them definitive, on diverse and varied subjects. Some were broad - common poisons and their antidotes - while others were utterly obscure. But in this way he began to distinguish himself, researching and writing while also accumulating additional links in his chains.

Though Vaedarys is an avid scholar, he has an anti-establishment streak, and has spent long periods of time away from the Citadel, pursuing appointments in the households of his Valyrian cousins. The mania that afflicts the Blood of the Dragon has been a favored area of study, and many of his best works have been privately published, in small numbers, intended for reference only within the family. He has spent the better part of the last two decades instructing and shaping young Valyrian minds, in their general studies but also in the knowledge that is their birthright; dragon lore, Valyrian history, familial knowledge passed generation to generation. He goes where there is need of him, and when concerned parents become alarmed by the manic manifestation of the Blood of the Dragon in their sons and daughters, Vaedarys will insinuate himself in the affected household and work directly with the young dragon. This is his favorite sort of project, though his findings are rarely shared, even when put to paper. These appointments allow him the freedom to come and go as he pleases, moving around the Crownlands and enjoying the society of his cousins, though invariably returning to the Citadel when his research demands.

RP Hooks

  • Knows stuff


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Molder of Minds
  • Scribe by Night
  • Esoteric Works

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