Character Details
Melanie Lynskey
Melanie Lynskey as Ulyka Mormont
Name: Ulyka Mormont
Aliases: Lutebreaker
Faction: The North
Organization: House Mormont
Occupation: Noble
Rank: Minor Noble Lady
Age: Jul 6 106 (14)


The first glimpse at this young noblewoman tells of her Northern blood - to flatter her one would call her stature wowanly, those who tend to be more blunt would describe it simply as 'sturdy'.

Fierce, dark eyes, almost black look sharply around, softening in awe and admiration whenever she spots the elegance of a gallant knight or a fair noble lady.

She tries her best to carry herself with grace, though her nature turned that task into a real challenge: When she laughs it could be easily heard in the next room, when she bursts out in anger even in the next building.
Her brown hair is twisted in the Southern ways, her attire is a similar attempt to adapt to the fashion at court, but a closer look at the lilac fabrik draped around her tells that it is light, Northern linnen instead of the silks that are worn in these lands.


Ulyka Mormont, born the youngest of six children has proven her fierce will and endurance at the very beginning of her life. For almost 40 hours her mother lay in childbed with her, for almost 40 hours both were fighting for their lifes. A maester had been sent from Deepwood Motte - when he arrived to assist the midwife he could only save one of the two. Ulyka's first cry was stubborn and strong when it met the last, lenient smile of Embla Locke.

Her sister Maera, ten years older than her, soon took care of her. It was her, who soothed her, when she cried over her first teeth, it was her who taught her that a Mormont woman has to know how to defend one's family against any dangers and it was her, who told her her first stories of Wildlings, bears and the old ways.

Ulyka showed an energetic temperament at an early age, as soon as she could mount a horse she seemed to be glued to the saddle, chasing after foxes, winds and riding quicker as most of the boys of her age.

When an embassy from the Westerlands arrived at Bear Island, she was thunderstruck. House Swyft had send one of their daughters with a handmaiden and three man at arms up North to offer her as a possibility for a second marriage to Lord Mormont. Gemma Swyft was honey haired, her cheeks blushing in the cold, her sweet smile and humble posture made her the fairest maiden of them all. Every evening she played the lute and sang in the Great Hall and enchanted all nobles and even the grimmest men-at-arms. The girl was only three years older than herselft and Ulyka admired her with all her heart from the first moment she saw her. Unfortunately her repute wasn't as flawless as her features, so the offer was declined and Gemma and her retainers left quite abruptly after three short moons, leaving the Westerlander's lute behind. The little distraction seemed to be forgotten by most members of her family, except maybe for one of her brothers, and certainly by Ulyka. She finally had found prove that the fair maidens of the bards' songs actually exist and decided, with all her fierce will, that she wanted to do everything to come as close to this ideal as possible.

She decided to learn how to play the lute.

In the most cunning ways she lured bards over to the cold lands of the Mormonts, spreading rumors of silver bears, hot springs haunted by Gemma Swyft and a very generous Lord Mormont. She even managed to sneak out a raven to House Ryswell, calling for their entertainers. Few bards came and their reactions reached from disappointment to mockery, when they had to face young Ulyka telling them she wanted them to teach her how to play the instrument. Stubbornly insisting on mastering the art she often bursted out in anger, when the chords wouldn't be half as fair as those she heard from Gemma and tossed the instrument against the sturdy walls of her chambers. Even if it took a great amount of effort to get hold of a new lute she broke five instruments before she was able to master the art of music.

By now her play is famous beyond the North, although she had to pay the prize for her fame by carrying the byname 'Lutebreaker' from now on.

The sudden death of her brothers and her father struck her hard, but it was not only the will to reveal the secret upon their death that made her plea to be travel to Oldtown with her sister. The possibility of visiting a town full of noble knights, of maidens fair, of bards and of summer seem to promise more than justice and revenge - at least after justice and revenge were taken care of.

RP Hooks

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  • Temperamental
  • Headstrong
  • More Bear Than Maiden Fair
  • Starstruck
  • Wealth: Hard Times
  • Famous: Musician

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