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Never Resting
Titus Welliver
Titus Welliver as Tytos Ambrose
Name: Tytos Ambrose
Aliases: Lord Towers
Faction: Reach
Organization: House Ambrose
Occupation: Architect
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: 36


A long face, dusky skin, and storm grey eyes under a short cropped dusty of snow sprinkled with a moderate scattering of obsidian flakes. He has the look of a hard man who smiles rarely, and usually only sarcastically. Though older, he seems to be fit and of an athletic build, typically wearing darker clothing, either leather or dark silks depending on the formality of the occasion. On his shoulder is a golden patch depicting a swarm of fire ants, and at his waist more often than not is a light short blade.


Lord Tytos Ambrose, Scion of Torrentpeak currently stands 14th in line for the high seat of his house, (directly in front of his younger half-brother Quentin) and falling quickly. In front of him are his Eldest brother, his brothers 7 children, and 5 grand children, though the eldest of those grand children is merely five years old. His Father was the previous Lord of Torrentpeak, while his mother was a Dornish noblewoman. The blood of Dorne seems to flow stronger in him then his brothers, shown in his tendency to never back down from a fight or challenge, and never give in to an argument.

Tytos had the best of educations, as any noble child of a decently affluent house in the reach could expect. Maesters are cheap this close to the citadel, and his father spared no expense for his sons. While he showed some skill in art his true passion as a child was for building and construction, he always wanted to know how things were made and how things could be made better. He also found he had a natural talent for languages, picking them up quickly, and adeptly.

As a young man he found he had too much of a rakish soul for the chastity vows of the Nights Watch, the Septons, or the Maesters, as such the typical routes for a second son to give up his title were not for him. Instead he decided to turn his hand toward traveling the world and seeing something of Eastos and the great architectural marvels of those lands, thus removing himself from the lands his brother would inherit, and thus from any question of contention for the title.

After spending over a decade abroad he has returned home, to find himself distant from most of his family, and having missed much of his chance to establish a home and family of his own. He refuses to dwell on these regrets but instead to move forward. He still has a small inheritance, much of it having been left in Westeros to be collected upon his return, and has moved to the Citadel, where his younger brother has a position in court, to try to make his way with his skills in Architecture and Engineering.


Merits: Highly Educated, Well Traveled, Stubborn & Tenacious
Flaws: Honor is a Luxury, Sucker for a Maiden's Smile
Speaks: High & Low Valayrian, Trade Tongue, Old Tongue, Common & Tyroshi
Skills: Architecture, Engineering, Cartography, Military History & Siege Warfare

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Ambrose Family Tree

  • Lord Ambrose (60)
    • Ambrose Heir (40) & Wife
      • 1st Child (21) & Spouse
        • 1st Child (4)
        • 2nd Child (2)
        • 3rd Child (1)
      • 2nd Child (20) & Spouse
        • 1st Child (3)
        • 2nd Child (1)
      • 3rd Child (19)
      • 4th Child (19)
      • 5th Child (18)
      • 6th Child (17)
      • 7th Child (16)
    • Tytos Ambrose PC (36)
    • Quentin Ambrose NPC (25) & Esme Ambrose
      • 1st Child (7)
      • 2nd Child (5)
      • 3rd Child (2)

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