Noah Mills
Noah Mills as Ser Tyraxeus Dondarrion
Name: Ser Tyraxeus Dondarrion
Aliases: Ty, Tyrax
Faction: The Stormlands
Organization: House Dondarrion
Occupation: Heir to House Dondarrion, Knight
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Nov 19 94 (26)


This knight stands a few inches over six feet tall, with black hair that curls when it's long enough, though it's often kept short on the sides. His eyes are brown and his features are angularly handsome in a conventional sort of way, the stubble of a beard usually darkening his jaw. His frame is solidly athletic in build, long limbs corded with muscle honed and defined by years of knightly training and service.


Ty Dondarrion was born the second son of Raxter, Lord of Blackhaven and one of the Stormlands' chief Marcher lords. He squired under Lord Caron at Nightsong, and quickly became involved in the endless series of raids and counter-attacks perpetrated back and forth across the mountainous border with Dorne. He earned his spurs in his late teens, and took his place as a sworn sword for his own house, defending against Dornish incursions and leading answering raids in turn.

In 120 AL his elder brother was killed in a Dornish ambush while traveling along the Boneway. Tyraxeus became heir to Blackhaven, and his father ordered that his central role in combat be reduced, fearful of losing another son. Instead, Ty was sent to Oldtown to strengthen connections to the Reach lords, encourage their assistance against the Dornish, and expose the new heir to politer society in a somewhat less high-stakes environment than King's Landing or Highgarden.

RP Hooks



  • Family Feuds - Like all the Stormland houses on the Dornish Marches, House Dondarrion bears ancient grudges against their Dornish neighbors which are generally reciprocated.
  • Devout - Though he'll never be confused for a Septon, Ty is a devout follower of the Seven.
  • Unlikely Heir - Born the second son behind a healthy brother, Ty never expected he'd have to give up leading the vanguard to lead the house's diplomatic efforts instead.
  • Wealth: Comfortable

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