Tyana Reyne
Rosamund Pike
Rosamund Pike as Tyana Reyne
Name: Tyana Reyne
Aliases: Wet Cat
Iron Mane
She-Lion of the Old Wyk
Faction: The Iron Islands
Organization: House Drumm
House Reyne
Occupation: Pirate
Rank: Minor Noble Lady
Age: Jan 3 103 (19)


Tyana Reyne carries herself like a lion on the prowl, measuring all those she lays those azure eyes upon. The young woman seems to have an edge about her that most damsels do not have in Westeros, and despite sporting a mane of hair spun out of pure gold, the Reyne still retains her ferocity.

Usually Tyana dresses in light armor or clothes that do not impair movement, like pants or vests that are made not to look beautiful, nor for women, but to keep her in a fight should it happen. Her slim, toned body is a sharp tool for when the Seven Hells do break loose, and she shows in every movement she is not a comely Westerosi lady. She has seen her fair of fighting.


And so it was that the ambitious Lord Reyne promised a very young Tyana to House Drumm. His gambit, which would pay off in the next years, was that by tying himself with the raiders of the Iron Islands, the ambitious Red Lion would gain an advantage in the sea, for trade or sabotage.

Paying no heed to the unsettling tales about Lord Drumm's young son, the Head of House Reyne sealed the alliance and dispatched Tyana to the Iron Islands, where she would learn to be a good "rock wife" to an Ironborn man. Whatever that meant.

Tyana arrives at the Iron Islands and soon learns that the legends about her betrothed, Algon Drumm, were true: a kind, but tortured, soul wrapped in a body so warped the girl could barely make sense it. Tyana was beyond horrified of his visage, the first of many moments of pure terror she would be subjected to in her first days there. The life she knew was over, the pleasantries and luxuries a thing of the past.

Time passed and eventually the Reyne relentlesness and ambition won the Drumms over as the young girl grew to be respectful and even kind to her husband-to-be while trying her best to adapt into a culture of savagery. Not that she had much choice. She had to adapt.

Blood was spilled, many Ironborn tried to make her quit, but Tyana persevered and, with the help of a good friend, rose to the occasion. Reborn in the ocean, harder and stronger, Tyana Reyne was baptized by salt water and blood. She would learn to man a ship in her husband's stead, give the Drumms a face to the other Ironborn instead of gossip of a monster growing inside their keep. She was subject to laughter at first, but soon she earned respect.


They say Tyana's only son, Algon II Drumm, was not born of her marriage, but from the fondness Lord Drumm had for the spirited Scarlet Lion of the Iron Islands, her willingness to give all to his House winning the seasoned seafaring warrior over.

Now leading Drumm forces, along with Tamber, Tyana started raiding with her Greyjoy sister-in-arms. Greyjoy and Drumm men side by side attacking the Steps and hitting everywhere they could, hard. That would lose it's appeal as both of them start to dream big, watching huge Bravosi ships sail East as they stay put.

Together they sail East in their drakkars, but instead of doing petty raids like others, they go further under heavy rain and storm to Essos, where their Ironborn raiders capture a new vessel of their own, a warship from Asshai. The world is too big, and the drakkares are too small.

When the Ironborn that survived come back, now sporting true treasures from the exotic Asshai, they praised by their lords and folk. The other Ironmen keep most of the loot, Tyana and Tamber keep the boat.

For her victories, Lord Drumm, now fully enchanted by the charming Reyne, awards her the sword he wishes his son could have wielded, the Red Rain. Tyana is not officially his successor, but for all that concerns the Ironmen, she is Lady Drumm. Meanwhile, her husband loathes her, the memories of her kindness to him as children all but ash in his distorted mouth.

RP Hooks

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  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Charismatic
  • Ignoble: Cheat and win a fight, lie about the story, be a hero.
  • Overconfident: Tyana Reyne survived the Iron Islands. She can conquer anything. In her own head.
  • Valyrian Steel Sword: Tyana Reyne is the current wielder of Red Rain, the valyrian steel sword of House Drumm. She was given it after returning to the Iron Islands aboard of a stolen Asshai warship.
  • Attractive: Vain for an ironwoman, Tyana allows the beauty of both Lannister and Reyne blood to shine. Her good looks are waiting to be spoiled by the life she leads, by sword or fire.

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