The Lord of Knives
Torrance Coombs
Torrance Coombs as Trystan Banefort
Name: Trystan Banefort
Aliases: The Lord of Knives
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Occupation: Head of House Banefort
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Age: 23


This man is clearly a rather important figure somewhere. He wears dark black clothes with fiery orange trimmings. A hood appears to have been stitched into the shirt, as an afterthought. He's handsome, with short brown hair and piercing grey-green eyes. Those eyes are the most outstanding feature, and makes him appear almost other-worldly. The sparse shade of facial hair is apparent on his lips and chin, but are not filled out.


Trystan has always been obsessed with magic, even from a young age. While hunting with his archery trainer, a ranger, during the time he and his family spent in the North, they met a Warg in the woods. Trystan saw how the Warg communicated with his dire wolf companion, and was utterly bewildered, and intrigued. He asked the man to teach the trick to him, but the man said he could not. Since that day, Trystan has poured over magical lore, spoken with any who was called a greenseer, a warg, a warlock, anyone who claimed to have magical knowledge. The stories of the Others intrigued him, as well, and he did all he could to learn of them. However, he did not completely give up all other things. He learned to fight from his father personally, focusing more on boxing and work with a knife, rather than swordplay. He also learned a great deal about interacting with people from the house's advisors and from his exhbitions into the town to mingle. However, a great tragedy struck him at the young age of 12. His parents were killed by Wildlings during their time in the North. In a fit of rage, Trystan took both the loyal members of his house and a number of sellswords to the encampment of the Wildlings and slew all of the men. The women and children were given the choice to fight and die, or live and leave their lands forever. Some did fight, and were quickly cut down by the sellswords, while most left. He was left, a young man with the power of the head of the house. He has been working since their death to make them proud, to be a good man and a good leader.


Good with Children
Obsessed with magic

IC Events

None Yet



A strong woman, and intelligent advisor, and a true friend. I am lucky to have found her, and blessed to have her as my wife. I will protect her, always.


Graceful, witty, and skilled, and damn fun to be around, she seems to appreciate that I'm not like most other uppity lords. A good friend, and hopefully a good guardian.


A friend of my wife's is a friend of mine, no matter her station.


Like stone, this one. He's a complete monster in battle, and a blank page outside of it. Blunt, to the point, and a good guardian. While he has had his moments, I trust him.


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