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Paul Michael Levesque
Paul Michael Levesque as Torvaeld Targaryen
Name: Torvaeld Targaryen
Aliases: N/A
Faction: The Crownlands
Organization: House Targaryen/Knighthood
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Prince/Ser
Age: 28

Prince Torvaeld died of the Black Sickness.


Standing at over six feet in height, and with bulk to match, this man clearly inherited a large frame from someone in his ancestry. His physique is not lean, but slabs of muscle overlaid upon a framework of bone. The man's seen his labors, so suggests his body in a great many ways. Immense arms decent into the mitts which serve as his hands, both crowned with callused digits. Those same limbs show signs of old scars long since healed over, many of which are too straight to have been caused by anything other than a blade's edge.

Things are only slightly less primal above the thick neck which hosts the man's square jaw. Said jawbone, kept with a bit of dark stubble, is the frame for thick lips and a nose left broad from having been broken and set back into place on more than one occasion. Otherwise, his visage has been spared too much brutality. The fellow's eyes are a striking shade of purple, and his hair so blonde as to almost be silver when light touches it just so. He wears his mane to the length of his shoulderblades, with only some of it bound back by a clasp of blackened metal.

He attires himself not in the clothing of an ordinary man, but in the armor of a knight who enjoys no small measure of accomplishment or wealth. The metal ranging from neck to toe is blackened as a matter of style, and over it, he wears a red tabard. Bound at the shoulder thereafter is a generous cloak of red silk embroidered with the heraldry of a three headed dragon. A string of leather holds an immense sheath to his back, sure to contain a greatsword.


Prince Torvaeld Targaryen, pure-blooded son of Aevarys and Aevara, was born twenty eight years ago to a most fortunate line. Reared within the comforts and security of Castle Dragonstone, where his father very much hoped that he would do credit to the family name. Unfortunately, growing up the eldest son (but for his own elder brother) with an insane mother proved to be rather challenging, as did the peculiarities passed onto him in breeding. The blessings of the Dragon, and the insanity, as well.

Although he was a rebellious child, Torvaeld didn't exhibit the full range of his particular insanity until later in life. He studied under tutors to the extent that he was forced to, but otherwise spent his time out brawling with common boys and conquering the wilderness. He wasn't like his family, not beautiful and fine, but large and sure to be rugged. It was decided for him at age eleven that he would become squire to a knight, his uncle Aedon. In the boy, Aedon saw one of the greatest warriors of his generation, and one of the worst courtiers.

Torvaeld trained hard under the many years he served as his uncle's squire, eventually even surpassing his skill with the greatsword. He grew large and powerfully muscular with time and training, which somewhat kept him in check. Unfortunately, physical maturation finally broke the dam which had previously held back his particular insanity: a lack of inhibitions. Torvaeld drank excessively, brawled with glee, made friends of common brutes, and scandalized men and women both without a second thought to the consequences. Aedon disapproved, but said nothing. His squire was too skilled, too valuable on the battlefield, to ruin.

After becoming an anointed knight, Torvaeld went to battle for some years, barely acquainting himself with his siblings as a result. As a unquestionable misogynist, he took little interest in his sisters, but he is quite defensive of his younger brothers - no matter how he may disapprove of each in their own ways. He'd just rather they became manlier, as he thinks of it, which is why he strives to drag them along by the scruff of their necks to join him in his vices. In truth, no one in Castle Dragonstone seemed to care. Torvaeld had become quite famed on the battlefield and, as such, a successful knight. It was and would be enough, for them and for him.


  • Anointed Knight
  • Blood of the Dragon
  • Lascivious
  • Misogynist
  • Tough
  • Wealth: Opulent

Although he is an exceptionally skilled warrior, Torvaeld has manifested the typical familial insanity in the form of an almost complete lack of inhibition. He lives as a brute, drinks like a fish, has his way with women (and sometimes men) who catch his eye, makes friends of commoners and enemies of nobles. This member of the clutch may well be the most troublesome, in his own way.

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Brother's Squire - Torvaeld thinks Aegon has potential. It would figure that he sees it in someone not of the blood. He needs more muscle on his bones, granted, but there's the will of a conqueror in this young man's heart. These instincts are sure to be fostered by Torvaeld, along with all of the negative habits. They'll be friends!


Younger Brother - So pretty, and so lithe. It drives Torvaeld mad. Why are his brothers beautiful and weak? Of the whole lot, he probably understands Aevander the least, what with his concern for public image and and fascination with art. Someone needs to be introduced to ale and whores.


Younger Brother - Another small, pretty one. Torvaeld has his work cut out for him, so it seems. He hears tell that Daevon is a skilled combatant, which is pleasing news, and that many women want for him to take them away. It all would've been fine, even the looks, had the vow of chastity not come up. Torvaeld's completely aghast about that and plans to change it!


Younger Sister - Torvaeld cares little for his sisters when compared to his brothers, as is the case with most women. He knows that Cerys scraps with Visenya, which is amusing, but otherwise understands little about her. Torvaeld thinks she may be a bit crazy, and he most certainly is not, but at least she's not bad to look at.


Younger Sister - Another of his sisters, which means another sibling he doesn't know especially well. Visenya's another one who isn't bad to look at, and another who Torvaeld figures is crazy. It doesn't matter if she really is or not. Women, you know. He doesn't envy Daevon for his twin sister's infatuation.


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