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Mahesh Jadu
Mahesh Jadu as Torren Martell
Name: Torren Martell
Faction: Dorne
Organization: House Martell
Occupation: Prince of Dorne
Rank: Prince
Age: Jan 3 87 (35)


Tall but not a giant — perhaps 6'0" or 6'1" — and well-built, with more sandy than salty features. Black hair which falls past his shoulders, medium-brown skin, and dark eyes which often contain a rather sardonic expression. A straight nose, strong, dark eyebrows, and a close-cropped dark beard complete his features.

He's clothed in the traditional sandsilk of Dorne; crimsons, oranges, and yellows as befits the heir of House Martell.


Born the third child of Princess Amarei, ruling Princess of Dorne, Torren Martell's early education was of the martial variety; it was assumed that he would serve his family in the capacity of a knight. Slowly but gradually he went from third in line to second when his elder sister fell ill and died when he was a page, and finally he became heir after his brother was killed while competing in a tourney. He was twenty.

Surprisingly, Torren took to his new position better than was expected. He had always felt out of place as a squire, and found that using his mind to solve issues in rulership appealed to him far more than swinging a sword ever did. His mother gladly gave him duties and tasks that befit his station. Courtly talents such as dancing and etiquette came much more naturally to him than wielding weapons, and his tongue was much quicker than his spear ever was. He came to be known as quite charming, though perhaps a little acidic. Though this only added to his appeal, for some.

He took a Blackmont woman to wife. It was an arranged marriage, but a very lucky arrangement. He loved her the moment he set eyes on her. Despite their love for each other it was years before their union proved fruitful. She had just told him the news when she left to the Red Rookery to visit her relatives. She never came back from her family's holding; she was slaughtered in a massacre orchestrated by the Cockshaws in retaliation for an attack on their holdings.

Torren wanted to grieve for her, and for their unborn child. He wanted to shut out the world and sink into his grief, but his duties did not allow it. The threat of war was hanging heavy in the air. His mother began to scheme as is her habit when such crises occur. The running of Dorne and Sunspear was left to him while she attended to matters. Marriage arrangements were made between Cockshaw and Blackmont as well as Martell and Targaryen, but there was much resistance.

However, as the good son, Torren knew his duty. He certainly did not hope for lightning to strike twice, especially considering who it was who had been chosen for him. However, neither did he care if it did, really. This marriage was merely one of diplomatic necessity, and he of all people knew — and believed in — the importance of that. So, with his duty in mind, he is now poised to travel to Oldtown to meet his new bride.

RP Hooks


  • Grieving Widower
  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Sarcastic
  • Arrogant

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Brother -


Cousin - Torren and Emira have had a somewhat rocky relationship. Their personalities do not mesh well; her bluntness often comes up against his tendency to sarcasm. The annoyance he sometimes feels with her has come to a head over her betrothal to Prince Rhaegor and her refusal to do what he feels is expected and necessary to accept it.


First Wife (deceased) - The match between Torren and Kella Blackmont was arranged, but that did not stop them from falling deeply in love. He worshiped her, and her murder at the Red Rookery left him devastated.


Wife - Visenya's brother Daevon was formerly betrothed to Torren's sister, Mariya, though the wedding did not come to pass, for circumstances that have not been publicly made known. However, the fact that not one, but two Targaryens are now to wed Martells may hint at the reason. Visenya is one of the two.

Torren was resigned to the match, before he had met her. When he met her, he became more pleased than just resigned. The time they spent together during their betrothal has led him to see that she possesses a keen mind, as well as beauty, and their mutual attraction is undeniable. And, though most of the time she does not seem her age, there are times when her youth strikes him, and makes him feel quite protective of her.


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