The Black Peacock
Garrett Hedlund
Garrett Hedlund as Toran Serrett
Name: Toran Serrett
Aliases: The Black Peacock
Faction: The Westerlands
Organization: House Serrett
Occupation: Nobleman and Thief
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Jul 16 95 (25)


A tall broad shouldered man who appears to be in his mid twenties. Standing well over six feet tall, just two inches shy of seven feet his size alone makes him appear rather imposing. Black hair is pushed back away from his face reaching over his ears and down the back of his neck. The somewhat curly strands are kept slightly shorter than chin length in a messy yet practical style. Dark storm grey eyes sit below trimmed low-set black brows. The eyes themselves are tilted outward slightly and have a certain intensity to them. Slightly tanned skin is clear and free of blemishes and scars. An oval shaped face with handsome features combined with his eyes and hair give him a dark sort of beauty. He seems to favor dark clothing as well. A black shirt is paired with with black breeches and boots with a black doublet trimmed in crimson red lining worn over the shirt with silver clasps to keep it closed. A flowing hooded cloak of thick black material is worn over the outfit and fastened with simple silver cloak pin in that shape of a crecent moon. A black leather belt hangs about his waist with a pair of curved fine steel short blades hanging from it along with several pouches and a small leather case for throwing knives. His body is built for strength but also a certain amont of speed as well. He is lean and heavily muscled with confidence plain in his movements.

The Past

House Serrett rules over the lands of Silverhill in the Westerlands. A wealthy and proud family they are well known for being fond of drama and attention. The current Head of House Serrett is Roderick Serrett and his wife Naera is a cousin of the main line of Lannisters of Casterly Rock. They are an important family with a high sense of self importance that they have instilled into their children. The couples first child was a son and they had two more sons before the Black Peacock was born. All of the children of Roderick and Naera Serrett so far had been fair haired and handsome, Toran was just as handsome as his brothers but his locks were darkest black rather than the golden blonde of his siblings. Perhaps it was a sign from the Seven that Toran was destined to be different.

Toran was not a bad child but his brothers constantly teasing him that he might be bastard made him feel like an outcast in his own family. He sneaked around the family estate in Silverhill trying to pass unnoticed. He often snuck food from the kitchen and ventured out into the nearby towns. One day he spotted a hungry young smallfolk girl being teased by some of his cousins. He was furious and he managed to release the horses the nobles had brought with them and send them running. In the confusion he stole one of the boys purses and offered it to the girl as payment for enduring thier taunts. The feeling he got from that deed became his new addiction. He continued to practice his art of sneaking and stealing. He never took anything from smallfolk and since he had no need for waht he stole he gave it out to the poor instead. he became famous as a remarkable and clever thief. They called him the Black Peacock still but this time it was said in admiration from smallfolk and scorn from the nobles he still resented.

As time passed his family grew his eldest brother had children and he was blessed with a baby brother and twin baby sisters. His youngest brother was his closest sibling and he adored the boy despite the fact that he was still the only black haired son among the Serretts. When his brother turned ten it was declared he would be sent to study at the Starry Sept in Oldtown. Toran protested this and finally declared that he would accompany his brother to make sure he made the journey safely. Now Toran traveled to Oldtown with his brother and he has plans to stay there and watch over him along with other plans to spred his fame as a thief.


Recent Events

After the Black Peacock kidnapped two noblemen, Garvin Tyrell and Arion Florent and then returned them unharmed shortly after they were taken no one has seen or heard from Lord Toran Serrett at all. It was as if he disappeared completely. No one heard anything about his whereabouts for months but finally after a long while of absence he has resurfaced with no mention to where he has been.

There are strong rumors that the Serret Lord is being pressured to become a more respectable figure and that his father is trying to arrange a marriage match for the wild Lord. In fact a letter was actually sent to Toran from his father and rumor has it that his father Lord Serrett gave him an ultimatum. Marry and become more respectable or be disowned and sent to join the Nights Watch. Shortly after Toran sent his father a reply accepting the betrothal Lady Norah Plumm arrived in Oldtown. It is a good bet that the betrothal was already arranged without Toran even knowing about it.

Toran seems to be at a crossroads of sorts now and only time will tell if the Black Peacock can be tamed into settling down.

RP Hooks

  • Thief of Lords: Stealing from his fellow nobles and causing mischief for them is Toran's favorite hobby. Possible victims or those who would try to catch him are welcome to seek him out or catch his attention.
  • Struts Both Ways: Toran is a shameless flirt and he isn't picky about gender either. If he finds someone attractive he will pursue them unless he gets a very firm rejection.
  • Pressured: After a recent event Toran is likely facing suspicion and pressure from his fellow nobles. Want to reform the thief via blackmail? Or do you just want to talk sense into a wild and crazy youth? These options are currently open and very possible.
  • Betrothed: Toran is actually taking this rather well all things considered. He pities his wife-to-be since he knows it will be a struggle to put up with him but he fully intends to give the arrangement a try and see if he can't make it work. He may even be growing up a little since he seems to be putting his betrothed's happiness first for now at least.
  • Regular Haunts: Oldtown Square, The Quill and Tankard and the Bawdy Bard Brothel.


  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Tall Dark and Handsome
  • Favored of Smallfolk
  • Charitable
  • Famous Thief

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