Character Details
n/a as Ser Tironos Tarly
Name: Ser Tironos Tarly
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Tarly
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Oct 21 93 (27)


Standing at an impressive six foot eight inches, this young man tends to stand out in crowds. His height combined with a medium, athletic build suggests an individual with martial training. With a shaved head the eyebrows and oval goatee reveals hair of a chocolate shade, with mocha eyes and lightly tanned skin.
His face isn't really attractive or unattractive by most standards, more just plain and 'average'. The man is well-groomed and tends to dress well also suggesting he comes from a wealthy family, perhaps even nobility. Oddly, no matter what is worn this man who seems to be in late twenties to early thirties based on looks wears three links at all times attached somewhere to his clothes or armor. One link is made from iron, one is pale steel, and one from black iron. The three links look like they could be part of a chain, but none of them are connected or even touching each other.


RP Hooks

House Tarly - Tironos is the third born of the main line of House Tarly and has a great devotion to his family, even if he hasn't seen most of them for most of his life. Friends and enemies of House Tarly could have options for interactions.
Family Members - Tironos was always a tall boy, even as a child, however he was sent away from the Tarly's holdings when he was five years old, any Tarlys born after this time Tironos would have never met, and he may or may not have been mentioned to them by their parents of Tironos' two older brothers. The two older brothers he would have know, along with anyone else born before he left, though he was never overly social he was kind and gentle for his size.
Maesters of Oldtown - Tironos studied with the Maesters from the ages of 5-16 (98-109 A.L.), perhaps you trained with him or was one of his teachers?
Oldtown - Since the age of 16 Tironos first squired and then became a knight at the age of 23 (116 A.L.). He still lives around Oldtown and its possible for him to be met by anyone brave enough to speak with the rather tall knight, whether he talks back depends on the individual. With a bit of questioning it isn't too hard to discover that 'Ser Tironos' purchased Sunset Manse around the year 117 A.L. and over time has made some personal renovations and improvements to the residence.
Knights - Knights who have taken part in tournaments in Oldtown since 116 A.L. may have fought against Ser Tironos, Ser Tironos Tarly in the more significant tourneys. Perhaps you beat him, perhaps he beat you, perhaps you fought to a draw. Tironos mostly competes in jousts, the grand melee, and sometimes equestrian events. Though he normally uses a sword and shield in the melee, he has been known occasionally to use an ax and shield, or even more atypical combinations of a sword with an ax, a pair a swords, or a pair of axes.

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Lord Alan Tarly
Father - Alan mostly views Tironos as a bit of a weakling. Though always tall, as a boy Tironos was skinny and physically weak but not frail. Because Tironos had an interest in more mental pursuits such as reading and studying then physical pursuits Tironos was viewed as a bit of an embarrassment by his father who wanted all of his sons to be stronger fighters and knights. For this reason Alan was more then happy to send Tironos to Oldtown to become a Maester, to bring some degree of respect to the family.
With the recent arrangement of Tironos' betrothal to Lady Jeyne, it would seem Alan has at least some approval of how Tironos has turned out, though they still are not close.


Lady Margaret Tarly
Mother - Tironos doesn't talk about his mother very much, though he doesn't speak badly of her either. She likely loves him and he loves her, they just aren't very expressive of it. It may have even been his mother's idea to have Tironos sent off to Oldtown to become a Maester to allow Tironos to pursue what he loved and also create the appearance of respect for the family to his father, though only she knows for certain.


Ser Jason Tarly
Eldest brother/House Heir - Tironos and Jason were never close, Jason did boss around Tironos and mildly bullied him, but Tironos hasn't seen Jason since Tironos was five, there is no telling how they'd view each other currently.


Sweet Sister - For someone I didn't know existed, I enjoy her energy and though her affectionate behavior takes some getting used to, after so long without close family I'll accept almost anything. I find myself calling her 'Sweet Sister' which given her sweet and excitable nature, and the fact she tends to amuse me it's not a great surprise. I was happy I could provide for her in a time of need, hopefully the issues with her betrothed can be worked out and she can be happy.


Wife - Who would have thought I would have a wife, though now that I do, the Seven Hells will greet any that try to harm her. The question now is will I be able to live up to being worthy of her.


Unborn - I can't wait to see you, your mother and I will do all we can for you. ((This is the first child of Ser Tironos and Lady Jeyne Tarly, conceived on May 1, 121, due in February. Fraternal twin of Amon, resembles his mother. Gender: Male Height: Average Eyes: Blue Hair: Red))


Unborn - I can't wait to see you, your mother and I will do all we can for you. ((This is the second child of Ser Tironos and Lady Jeyne Tarly, conceived on May 1, 121, due in February. Fraternal twin of Tirondor, resembles his paternal aunt. Gender: Male Height: Average Eyes: Green Hair: Blonde))


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