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Thorbjorn Harr
Thorbjorn Harr as Tirius Umber
Name: Tirius Umber
Aliases: Lord of the Beardogs
Faction: The North
Organization: House Umber
Occupation: Lord
Rank: E6
Age: May 22 97 (25)


Tirus is huge. Where he isn't muscle, he's solid bone. The skin which shows is nowhere near smooth and is dotted with clots of old stitches, not all of them from peacetime injuries; he's a man who has seen battle and repeatedly so. With blond hair scaling down his muscular neck and across his back in a fantail, it's not the style of a dandy - it's the look of a man who has cleaned it of blood and sweat more than perfume. He has serious and intense eyes, unblinkingly cold in their icy blueness, his trimmed beard dotted with dried flakes of the last meal he ate.

His clothing is simple and utilitarian: a jerkin of thick leather, a broadcloth shirt with an open neck, breeches made from quality cotton, and sturdy, thick boots with heavy soles. Tucked into his waistband, there is a stout, heavy length of wood with a leather hood over one end, the other fitted with a strong grip of bone and cord. Next to it, his dagger is seated comfortably, the hilt shineless and dull and the blade tucked into a folded section of sailcloth. He practically oozes seawater and reeks lightly of hard work. As nobles go, he sleeps often with dirty hands.


Born name: Tirius Umber, born in Last Hearth at the family's keep along the banks of the Bay of Seals.
Family: Mother was Lady Kailsey Blackwood, of House Blackwood. Father was Maegal Umber, of House Umber. No siblings survived their thirteenth nameday but there were two sons, both elder by a year each.
Family Dynamic: Light to moderate acrimony from his uncles, none of whom are directly tied to the family by blood, only marriage through his mother's side. They mostly just sulk and wait for one of their own children to come of age, but there's a string of hunting accidents in their future. Tirius has made no mistake in stating so. Repeatedly. He's even pointed out where it may happen.
Upbringing: The family coffers paid for Tirius to travel as far away as Braavos and Dorne, where he ran with a series of lowlives and distant relatives until the money went dry. He then returned home to rebuild a shipyard after an accident involving dragonfire-like substances exploding at the docks, wiping out most of the family's income. After three years, they have returned to prominence and loyal service, all without a single coin in assistance.Subjects which were excelled in: woodworking, warfare, siegecraft, smuggling and lore about the North. Where he did poorly: history and anything he had to wear fluffy clothing to study.
Occupation: Noble Lord and chief shipwright for the Umber family. If it floats, he approved of it or it won't float for long.
Income: enough to keep him in whores, ale, good breeding stock for the family bandogs, and good information flowing his direction.
Has your character started a family? Not yet - he's looking for the right noble girl to marry and begin breeding as soon as he can manage it.
Hobbies: dog breeding, court intrigue, woodworking, and swimming in frigid water. It builds stamina. People who say differently lose teeth and the argument.
Personality: strong-willed but not obstinate in the face of reasonable thinking; durable but not tireless; wise by his own travels but not so jaded he excludes higher wisdom from experts. He's the sort who would keep a Maester on tap but give the guy limited power. Once he'd seen how King's Landing politics went down, he learned to keep a trusted few close and his enemies closer.

RP Hooks

  • Shipwright: he builds them next to his workers, leading from the front.
  • Bandogs: he is a breeder of working dogs, at home on a ship's deck or a battlefield.
  • The Grip of the Hill: he supposedly can crush someone's fingers into shards with a handshake. Fun at parties!
  • Marriage prospects: he is looking for some. Who doesn't love a dashing rogue with his own port?


  • Stubborn
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Strong Grip
  • Worldly
  • Hardy
  • Prone to Dizzy Spells

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