Three Policies


You may play anything from an urchin to a prince. Characters must be human and must belong in the game's world. They also need a reason to be in Oldtown. It doesn't necessarily need to be a very good reason; human beings often do things for stupid reasons. Even so, for some character concepts this will take some creativity. If you have that creativity, we want to see it. Nothing except dragonlords and non-human creatures is unilaterally forbidden.

When it comes to alts there are two rules:

1) Don't use one alt to benefit another alt in any way. Playing more than one in the same scene will be assumed a violation of this rule, unless doing so is approved by staff. Ask.
2) Register them. See +help alts on the game.

So long as those rules are met, you can play as many alts as you desire.


Yep, your character could die in this game. Or get tortured or raped or fed to bears. However, you have the right to call for a Fade to Black on any occurrence that you don't want to roleplay in detail, and have it be reduced to a couple of rolls of the dice and no poses.

So, you wanna play a killer, do you? Okay. But you need to remember that other players did not create their characters to be props in your character's story. If you want to kill off somebody's PC, it should be because of something in the dying PC's story, not because you want your character to be a killer and it's so much more emphatic when the victims are PCs. Sorry. Want a random victim, make it an NPC.

If you want to have your character rape or heinously abuse (sexually or otherwise) another character, on or off camera, you need the consent of all players involved. All sorts of gruesome and grim stuff happens in the books and on the show, but that doesn't mean you can spoil another player's fun by doing shit that freaks them out and upsets them in real life.

In other words, respect each other.

By the way, respect includes not abusing this rule.




Don't post your tinysex logs, if you should create such things, to the log page on the wiki. Do not use anything related to the game to produce graphic sexual content involving characters who are under the age of eighteen. We don't care if they are NPCs. Yes, we know, in the books Daenerys Targaryen is thirteen years old and has sex with Drogo, a great big grown man, and right on the reader's mind's-eye camera, but do not do it here. The staff say ewww, and will siteban you.

Yes, we're aware that if you are reading everything the chargen asks you to read, you're reading this two or three times.

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