Character Details
Mitch Hewer
Mitch Hewer as Thomas Reyne
Name: Thomas Reyne
Aliases: None
Faction: The Westerlands
Organization: House Reyne
Occupation: Heir and Squire
Rank: Major Noble
Age: 16 (Feb 28)


Thomas Reyne is young man of ten and six with a lean build and angelic facial features, his platinum blond hair is of medium length and well cut, showing some understanding in fashion and trends. His eyes are glistening gray and his skin is fair. The young man's posture says Nobility but he also acts with humility and generosity towards other when interacting. First glance at Thomas would make it seem that he is very timid when being in the spotlight but one can never say that he looks afraid in social events. It's clear that the boy had a squire's upbringing.


Born as the third child and second son out of the four siblings and three sons of Lord Reyne, Thomas earned himself the fortune of becoming the spare. He was never as favored as Mikel but still Thomas was tutored in case something would happen to his older brother. Now during the early days, Mikel seemed to be almost untouchable in his saddle and even when fighting with his sword. Lord Robb Reyne had almost forgotten about Thomas, until the accident of Mikel happened.

When Thomas was claimed to be the new heir of Castamere he felt a bit ill to the core. It was nothing he had wanted and so he lacked all ambitions to shoulder the responsibility. But with harsh commands from his father Thomas did his beast to please his father and began taking the role on as the new heir more and more.

When Thomas began squiring, he did so for Ser Alaric Marbrand. A weathered knight with great experience under his belt. Ser Alaric had many faults according to Thomas and the worst one was his drinking. In order to protect his lords honour Thomas often did things he considered noble in nature and good out of his heart.


  • Attractive

- He is not vain but he does keep himself neatly in order as far as looks goes. Always wanting his hair to lay perfectly and his clothes to hide his lean muscular body. However, when he keeps himself good looking, he does not do it for himself, he does it because his family expect him to do so as the future Lord of Castamere.

  • Chivalrous

- Ever since Thomas could make his own opinion of how the world would be, he had always loved the ideas of Chivalry. Some said that the ideals are unpractical, even his father spoke so at times but Thomas never seemed to want to hear it. The slightest hint that Thomas would be able to show his great virtues was enough for him to spring into action.

  • Favored of Nobles

- With the way that Thomas acted around court it was to little surprise that his actions where fueled by his virtues. Only the the most honorable of nobles would not see to exploit such a thing. But it also made him a major contestant in court, as finding a man that was so bound by his word that he would never break it could only be admired.

  • Wealth: Opulent

- With the riches of the Castamere mines to pay for the heir of Castamere, there seemed to be little expenses spared. Sir Alaric Marbrand had received great gifts to take Thomas as his squire and ensure his safety, in exchange for a rather large sum of gold. Thomas himself always found himself forced to wear the newest fashion as far as clothing went.

  • Overconfident

- Being chivalrous has it's flaws and Thomas is not arrogant in his own power but rather so noble to a point that he would put himself in harms way even when he had little to gain from such a action just to defend what he thought is right. It is his belief that the righteous always prevails.

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Older brother - Thomas has always been fond of his brother Mikel and looked up to him many times when he was young. Even when Mikel had his accident Thomas would look at Mikel in a good light. That was until the whoring and drinking started. Thomas did not agree that Mikel's reaction was a proper one, and looked upon it with judging eyes.


Older sister - Displeased to see her leave to become a wife to a Ironborn, Thomas longed to meet his sister once again. However, stories about her deeds crossed the small gap of sea that separated them and the more Thomas heard the less he began to miss his sister, feeling she had fallen from whom she was.


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