Mistress Thania Sand
Michella Cruz
Michella Cruz as Thania Sand
Name: Thania Sand
Aliases: None Publicly Known
Faction: Dorne
Organization: House Martell
Occupation: Perfumer
Rank: Bastard-Born Martell
Age: 26


A slender, yet appreciably curved woman of more exotic appearance, Thania bears light olive skin, dark eyes, and her hair is a mass of raven black waves teased into curls. Above average in height, this Dornish-bred woman still falls below the height of most men at five-feet and seven inches tall. Light of build and gently toned in a way that suggests agility over raw strength, it's clear she has some small measure of martial training. Thania's features are naturally elegant, almost delicate, and have to them an impish, playful cast with a gaze in which wickedness lies readily apparent.

Her choice of clothing is a pair of light suede breeches, supple leather riding boots, and light-weight, colorful blouses in the Dornish fashion that allows for air flow and flatters the lithe Her choice of clothing favors Dornish fashions that allows for air flow and flatters the lithe lines of her arms, shoulders, and the curve of her breast above a taut abdomen; robes, sand cloaks, and dresses that leave little to the imagination or soft leather breeches for riding. Glinting with jewelry, gold and precious stones gleam at both ears, neck, and wrists. Ever surrounded by an enticing scent of cloves and blood oranges with an underlying aroma of zest and spices, the perfume is light upon her person but tantalizing and exotic.


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Being bastard born of Dorne, Thania's birth was less blasphemous than it might have been in Westeros—this was aided in part by the Martell blood that runs through her mother's veins. A bastard sister of the Queen Amarei Martell, Idara Sand was still well-celebrated within the confines of the Sunspear as a member of the House even if not one of legitimate birth. Her talents, both in charisma and in song, would find Idara the paramour of a powerful Allyrion lord who ran long at odds with House Martell.

It would be Landro Allyrion who would beget Thania of her mother to the delight of both Landro and his legitimate wife, a woman who was incapable of bearing children of her own. Although Idara would bear a number of children to Landro Allyrion, Thania was considered the jewel of his wife, Melune, who took especial attention to the child. Hers was an exceptional upbringing and she never wanted for anything, and despite a bastard's birth, Thania was given the same education as her legitimate cousins at Sunspear.

A quick wit and intellect, Thania proved a knack for a keen sense of smell and there was an indulgent focus upon the creation of perfumes and colognes of Dornish make in her education. But her true passion wasn't discovered until her thirteenth year when a young serving maid took deathly ill after being bitten by a viper discovered in a basket of figs and olives. The way she shook, took fever, and turned a variety of shades fascinated the girl.

She took it upon herself to learn everything she could of toxins and poisons, all from books at first. It was simple to hide her studies and experimentation due to her continued education in perfumery. Her test subjects, often those who spited her or her family, were never wrought anything more than ill. But it was an illness deliberately created by the young woman, then sixteen. Honing her skills to deadly potency, Idara was not ignorant nor blind to her daughter's passions.

When she was eighteen, Thania was responsible for the poison that claimed the life of a political rival of House Yronwood. Hers was a cultivated talent, made rare use of, but well known in whispers among those of House Martell.


Bastard Born
Enchanting Voice
Favored of Nobles
Keen Sense: Smell
Night Owl
Wealth: Opulent

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