Character Details
Oliver Jackson-Cohen
Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Thadeus "Bull Fish" Tully
Name: Thadeus "Bull Fish" Tully
Aliases: Thad
Faction: The Riverlands
Organization: House Tully
Occupation: Noble heir
Rank: Great Noble Lord
Age: Mar 21 89 (34)


A pair of grey-blue eyes dominate a face that most would call handsome, the lower part clean and shaved, despite the rumor of having been covered with stubble till recently. Which gives this noble a certain look of elegant nobleness, along with an occasional smile of slightly bored amusement that adorns his face. The brown hair is cropped short to cause not too much fuss, his lips are usually curved into a charming smile.

Standing tall at 6'1", this noble knight has quite a physical presence, being strong and muscular from regular sword practice. He is clad in a chain mail of good quality below a tabard in the Tully colours, showing the sigil of his House. A mighty broadsword hangs from his belt, secured in a plain scabbard of leather that is devoid of any adornment.


Born in the year 89 at Riverrun as the first child to Marcus Tully, Lord of the Riverlands, and his wife Janelle of House Westerling, Thadeus has always been of a very robust health, not easily succumbing into sicknesses of any kind. A very healthy child from the beginning that had a great appetite - in many regards. First of all for food, though. He grew up and developed into a strong and agile young lad. His energy proving too much to be handled by a local knight, he was sent off to the Twins, to squire for Ser Reynos Frey. He soon excelled, both in strength and persistence - but also he was quite prone to the charms of the numerous Frey ladies, and as decorum forbade to compromise any of those, soon a chaser of various handmaidens. These developments did not go unnoticed and earned him his nickname which he keeps until this day, "Bull Fish".

Rumor has it, he fathered more than half a dozen bastards during that time. But only two of those were openly acknowledged as being his afterwards, Hedda (16) and Jacob (15) Rivers, who were brought to Riverrun later and brought up there, taking on positions as a handmaiden and a squire to some minor Tully knight.

Thadeus proved quite proficient with his sword. When he was eighteen he accompanied Ser Reynos into the woods, along with many other Frey knights, to free the area from a group of bandits. He proved himself to be valiant enough (took down four of the bandits on his own), to finally get knighted a few days afterwards. Lord Tully himself attended the ceremony in the year 108 and brought him back to Riverrun a few days later, where he was to further his other studies that had been neglected a little during the recent years.

Lessons on such important subjects as politics, stewardship, history and diplomacy were not able to keep the attention of Ser Thadeus for long though, as he was taking every chance to escape from them to go for endless rides and hunts, both of deer and another sort that was to be found in the surrounding villages. Soon more bastards were fathered and brought to Riverrun, and Lord Tully finally realized he must channel Thadeus' immense appetite and find him a wife.

Thadeus wasn't too happy about this decision, as he felt he was still too young and - perhaps rightfully so - feared about his freedom to persue his various mistresses. His father was firm in his decision though, and so, on a fateful day in the year 112. Thadeus was joined in marriage to Lyrella Reyne. Thadeus was 23, and his vows to stay faithful to Lyrella lasted only a month - which was quite a long span for Thad's standards. It didn't take long though, and Lyrella was with child. Their daughter Fiona was born in 114, a thin child of fragile constitution - and not the heir both Thadeus and his father had hoped for. And so more pregnancies followed, two of them miscarriages, where Lyrella lost the child at an early stage. Another daughter Avelin was born in 117. Then, after another year, finally a boy: Lucius. But the son was not of a healthy disposition as his father. He died one year later from a fever, followed after three months by his mother, who had a stillbirth and died in childbed, leaving Thadeus a widower now for two years as he has so far refused to marry again.

Now he has been sent to Oldtown by his father Lord Tully, to engage in trade talks with the Tyrells, as well as keep his eyes open for young ladies that are eligible for marriage. There is still at least one legitimate heir he has to father. And so Thadeus has finally agreed to look for a new bride.

Summary of past events

Such bride seemed to have been found, when Thadeus' betrothal to Princess Cerys Targaryen was announced in April 121. Until the betrothal was broken, shortly before Cerys left for Dragonstone, and Thadeus returned to Riverrun - luckily absent in the times of the Oldtown Plague in October 121. The year 122 started off quite dramatic, as Thadeus' boast about a kiss shared with Cerys' sister Princess Visenya led to him being challenged to a duel by none other than the Maiden Knight. The duel was carried out, with Visenya's betrothed of the time, her cousin Prince Rhaegor claiming the right to fight in Deavon's stead. And perhaps surprising to all, Thadeus emerged as the winner.

In early 123, Thadeus returned from Riverrun to continue to look for a bride. In August 123 he was sent to Storm's End, after Lord Tully had undertaking negotiations with Lord Baratheon, about a potential match betweeen Thadeus and Lord Baratheon's youngest daughter Evaria.

RP Hooks

  • Squired at the Twins
  • Fond of drink and women
  • Arrived in Oldtown for trade talks
  • A noble heir in want of a wife
  • Some scandalous rumors concerning some involvement with both a merry widow and a whore while he was betrothed
  • Formerly betrothed to a Targaryen princess
  • Recently returned from a visit to Storm's End, with news of his betrothal to Lady Evaria Baratheon.


  • Wealth: Oppulent
  • Chasing Skirts
  • Proud
  • Robust Health

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Intended - A Baratheon. Young, shy, naive and innocent. Chosen by my father for the benefit of our beloved House Tully. She's a Stormlander, so I wonder if I'll be able to take her to tempestuous heights.


Formerly Betrothed - A Targaryen, just as I expected her to be: beautiful, haughty, and out of this world. I certainly made an impression on her. I have a feeling though that in order to win her hand I will have to pay a huge price. Recent: So… It seems that price won't have to be paid, finally, when some word spread about my dabblings with my lady cousin and Cerys even witnessed some scandalous behaviour of a whore towards my person. The betrothal has been broken - much to my father's wrath and displeasure. Another reason to stay in Oldtown, despite Lord Tully's orders to return to Riverrun.


Lady Lynette - A Hightower, with a twin. Who insists she knows me from my time at the Twins. She seems not to be appalled by any rumors about my person, no, on the contrary she seems eager to deepen our acquaintance. Maybe she has fallen in love with the dashing squire she saw back then, when she was too little a girl to be in danger of catching my attention.


My lemon cake fairy - Tempting she is indeed, and that lemon cake she brought was delicious. A delicacy I would very much like to try, even if she seems to hope for a betrothal. A betrothal that certainly could happen, if I could convince my father to accept that the need for heirs sometimes surpasses the need for new bonds and connections with greater lordly Houses. Upon my return to Oldtown I found out she has managed to get married. Good luck to her. She's probably happier that way.


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