Twin Blades of Golden Tooth
Ewan McGregor
Ewan McGregor as Ser Teryin Lefford
Name: Ser Teryin Lefford
Aliases: Ter, Twin Blades
Faction: The Westerlands
Organization: House Lannister
Occupation: Nobleman and Knight
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Oct 5 99 (21)



Jade green eyes. There's something about the way they move… the way they catch the light. Gentle darknesses make themselves known near the edges of color, presenting a ring of brown that almost stands out, the visual effect of deep becoming very apparent to anyone that should happen to watch him for a length of time. An air of regality is present in his face, with his strong jaw and elegantly crafted nose which has known a few breaks in it’s time though continues to stand fast. Atop his head, a mop of sandy blonde hair, sunlight tending to push it more towards the blonde spectrum, but lower and flickering lights flatten it to brown. His mouth is, perhaps, the most simple element of his face when settled, but at the slightest hint of smile it alights to a charm which far surpasses the rest of his features. This is not to say that he's terribly happy all the time; a few subtle furrows in his brow demonstrate clearly that this young man often has very deep thoughts on his mind. His body is built lithely for his 6’6” frame, movements showing the grace and spirit of one totally in tune with his environment. There is certainly an element of athletic ability that can be seen in him, through the cuts of muscle that flex beneath clothing and the broadness of his shoulders and stoutness of his waist.

Armor & Weapons

Summer and Winter


Golden Chainmail



Teryin Lefford was born in the fall of 99 to Lord Gallard Lefford of Golden Tooth and his wife Lady Lia Lefford nee Lannister, sister of Lord Jason Lannister – current Lord of Casterly Rock. The first son was still born, Gran Lefford. Following Gran was: Liam, Irisa, and Aleesi. Teryin was the youngest, but not spoiled as such. The entire family grew up close, notably Aleesi and Teryin. The brothers were brought up to be knights, each gifted with size and strength. Liam was more cunning, but could not challenge his younger brother in combat.

The Lefford’s were very wealthy, Golden Tooth holding many gold mines within the pass of the mountains. The wealth never grew to greed within Teryin, his fancy was with blades and knighthood. Growing up he dreamed of becoming a member of the Kingsguard. Education was nearly the best gold could buy, but the boy spent most of his time learning to ride horse, to hunt and track game, as well as warfare. At an early age he was given a bow to practice and became quite the accomplished marksman with a longbow, winning multiple youth contests his father would hold during festivals and jousting tournaments.

At the age of ten, he became the page of his recently knighted brother Liam. After two years, he was given his father’s blessing to squire Liam. Not long after being given the privilege to squire is elder brother, his father brought a Braavosi tutor to Golden Tooth for the boy. The tutor taught young Teryin the Braavosi tongue, incorporated studies with sword play, and showed him the way of a twin sword technique – one that he would become known for. The twin blades known as Sun and Stars were of unique design; forged of Valyrian steel and brought over from Braavos. Teryin’s father paid a hefty sum for those rare blades and was it not for his mother being a Lannister, Gallard Lefford could most likely never afford such fine blades.

At the age of fourteen Teryin accompanied his brother to Pinkmaiden castle, the Riverlands castle on the other side of the mountains. Liam was to wed Maliyn Piper, Lord Hanlon Piper’s daughter. It was here that young Teryin met Maliyn’s younger sister, Isara. After accidentally making her cry, he offered his kerchief and vowed to always protect his sister to be. A year and months later, during a chilly night, Liam and Marilyn were wed. Isara and Teryin became close that night, treating one another like siblings and getting to know eachother. It was this night that Lia Lefford had decided to set up a meeting between Natalya Crakehall and Teryin.

It had been two days since the wedding. Liam and Teryin were mounted on horseback with another twelve knights, all following behind a horse-drawn carriage. Within the carriage was the new Lefford, Maliyn and her sister Isara. Not long after departing from Pinkmaiden, the group was beset by a small horde of bandits. While the knights we busy fighting them off, three of them managed to kill the carriage driver and rip the girls from it. Their jewelry was torn from them, the fabric shed like a whore in heat. Teryin and Liam quickly come to the aid, but it was already too late for Maliyn. Bleeding from the belly, Maliyn staggered from the fighting, falling to knees. As she reached for Liam, her throat is slit ear to ear. Liam reached for her, pleads falling on deaf ears. He's struck in the back of his head by a mace, slumping into the muddy road unconscious.

Teryin's twin blades were bloodied from the combat, the youth cutting his way towards Isara as she lay half naked in the mud. Dress soaked and dirtied, blood running from a wound atop her thigh. Just as a bandit was about to finish her, Teryin leapt infront of the blade. The squire was cut open left shoulder to right shoulder, but his arms buried both blades into the chest of the bandit. With most of the riches taken, the bandits flee from the site of the massacre. The remaining knights gathered those alive and the body of Maliyn, returning to Pinkmaiden. A memorial for their daughter brings the two families back together, Lia Lefford staying to watch over boys as they heal at Pinkmaiden Castle over the next month.

A year later Natalya Crakehall came to Golden Tooth, news of the arranged wedding between Teryin (Known as the Twin Blades now) and the robust Crakehall girl spread through the Westerlands. But this wedding would not be, Teryin had grown tired of his mother’s obsession with him marrying the Crakehall girl. His heart had been given to Isara when he was only thirteen. With vengeance on the mind, the young squire gathered hedge knights and younger sworn-swords, totaling twenty in all, and struck out to find the bandit, Ser Rodderick.

For three years Teryin followed with those twenty men, tracking down Ser Rodderick. Mountains, Forests, and plains; so many battles were fought between members of Ser Rodderick and group from Golden Tooth. Finally in 118 Teryin returned to Pinkmaiden with the remaining six knights of the twenty and the head of Ser Rodderick. Lord Hanlon Piper granted the young Lefford a request and knighted him. The day before he was to be knighted, Isara came to him in the evening. The scene was awkward, but eventually Teryin confessed his love to her and asked for her permission to seek her hand in marriage after hearing Natalya had wed his brother Liam in his absence. Isara and Teryin were wed in Pinkmaiden – the marriage hoping to mend the broken relations caused by the death of Maliyn and Liam marrying Natalya Crakehall instead of Isara.

Isara lived with Teryin in Golden Tooth, their lives peaceful but full of passive aggression by the Leffords. It was after the wedding that Aleesi, the Lefford’s youngest daughter, really got to know Isara. Aleesi and Teryin had always been close, but with Isara coming into the fold, Aleesi’s first thoughts were to protect her younger brother. She was still upset that Natalya had married Liam instead of waiting, more so at her mother for subtly influencing such. For Lia Lefford had never thought much of Isara, always trying to keep Teryin away from the stuttering woman of Pinkmaiden.

A year past the wedding Teryin was summoned by Lord Jason Lannister to help quell a small peasant rebellion in the Westerlands. During this time Aleesi and Isara grew together, their bond one Teryin was oblivious to as he served the Lord of the Westerlands for three years. He returned to Golden Tooth in 121, few months after the turn of the year. The only thing left from the childhood was his love of Isara, years of training and warfare had casted a steel over his emotions, worn like armor against the world. For his service to the Lannisters he was gifted a set of Golden Chainmail and the twin blades found new names; Summer and Winter.

A month before the third month of the year, Lord Gallard Lefford and Lord Hanlon Piper agreed to help sponsor Aleesi and Isara in buying part of the Vineyard outside of Oldtown and funding the building in which the grapes would be turned to wine and served in a fancy eatery which was attached to the winery. A small troupe gathered; sworn-swords and a knight who had grown into a man with Teryin, Yorik – the son of the Braavosi tutor knighted by Gallard Lefford.

RP Hooks

  • Has two Valyrian steel blades: Summer and Winter
  • Is known as The Twin Blades.
  • Loyal to Isara, his wife through a non-arranged marriage.
  • Mother is the sister of Lord Jason Lannister, Warden of the West.
  • Teryin's mother is a Lannister and the Lefford's are Wealthy because of the mines.


  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Loyal to a Fault
  • Ambidextrous
  • Famous: Twin Bladed Knight
  • Hopeless Romantic
  • Valyrian Blades

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Acquaintance - Genevra Stark: Little tomboy pup of Hellan Stark. She wishes to learn a sword dance from Teryin and is intrigued by his blades.


Acquaintance - Hellan Stark: Lady Hellan Stark, what more can you say when she thinks you're taking advantage of her twelve year old daughter? There is a slight edge to their acquaintance, but the only thing that brought them together was the young pup, Genevra.



Beautiful Wife - Isara Lefford nee Piper: She is everything that Teryin has wanted since a boy of thirteen. Isara is truly the strength and weakness of Teryin and he believes she is more beautiful than the Nightingale herself. Their relationship started as friends, then in-laws, then through a series of events Teryin was finally able to ask for her hand. She’s one of the owners of The Golden Maiden Winery.


Adoring Older Sister - Aleesi Lefford: A year older than Teryin, but the two have always been close. He is very protective of his sister and shows his affection without care from the thoughts of others. She’s one of the owners of The Golden Maiden Winery.


Cousin - Haydn Lannister: A cousin, not well known, but is the Nephew of Lia Lefford nee Lannister.


Cousin - Amron Lannister: Haydn’s brother, and an even less known of cousin of Teryin.


Gallard Lefford (NPC)
Father - (b. 67) Lord of Golden Tooth. Loves his sons, but treats them towards their strengths. Liam was named heir to Golden Tooth and was taught strategy. Teryin was gifted twin valyrian steel blades. Not a militant man, but helps keep the Lannisters and the Leffords wealthy with the mines in the area.


Lia Lefford nee Lannister (NPC)
Mother - (b. 73) Lady of Golden Tooth. Sister of Lord Jason Lannister, Warden of the West. She is emotionally attached to Liam. She allows Gallard to run Golden Tooth, but seems to always have her fingers pulling strings to some extent. She was thrilled to have such a large and powerful son, but he always seemed to rebel against her wishes. She has a love/hate relation with Aleesi and cannot stand Isara because of her stuttering and marrying Teryin. Was the sole reason Natalya wed Liam instead of Teryin.


Gran Lefford (NPC-Deceased)
Eldest Brother - Still born son. (b. 88 – d. 88)


Liam Lefford (NPC)
Elder Brother - (b. 90) Heir to Golden Tooth. Paged and Squired under Rigel Lefford. Knighted at the age of 20. Very intelligent, but has great mood swings after the loss of his first wife Maliyn and the blow to his head. Married Natalya Crakehall when convinced by his mother that she could fill the void.


Maliyn Lefford nee Piper (NPC-Deceased)
Sister-in-law - (b. 95 – m. 114 – d. 114) Daughter of Hanlon Piper and Idera Piper nee Smallwood. Was wed to Liam in 114 as a truce between the border castles of Golden Tooth in the Westerlands and Pinkmaiden of the Riverlands. Was slain two after wedding when ambushed on the way to Golden Tooth.


Natalya Lefford nee Crakehall (NPC)
Sister-in-law - (b. 97 – m. 117) Growing up she was a very robust woman. She attended Liam and Maliyn’s wedding because of Teryin’s mother’s intention of an arranged marriage between the two. A year after the death of Maliyn, Natalya was betrothed to Teryin in accordance with Lia Lefford. She lived in Golden Tooth even after Teryin left. Two years after, she was wed to Liam after Lia convince them to marry. She is no longer robust, but a beauty now, months of fasting and trying to become more attractive to Teryin.


Irisa Kenning nee Lefford (NPC)
Eldest Sister - (b. 96) – married to Iddrim Kenning of Kayce, heir to Kayce.



Ser Rigel Lefford (NPC)
Uncle - (b. 69) – Master-at-Arms for Golden Tooth. Brother of Gallard Lefford


Maester Hegrim “Hoss” (NPC)
Maester - (b.48) Maester of Golden Tooth, good friend of Rigel and Gallard.


ian of Braavosi (NPC)
Braavosi Tutor - (b. 83) Bravos sword master. Tutor of language, dance, and swordsmanship to Teryin. Father of Yorik.


Ser Yorik of Golden Tooth (NPC)
Friend - (b. 96) Grew up Ward of Golden Tooth. Son of Ian the Braavosi Tutor. Despised by all except Gallard and Teryin. Knighted before the hunt of Ser Rodderick and accompanied Teryin on the quest. Exceptional swordsman and agreed to catch up to Teryin in Oldtown. Stands 6'5", broad of shoulders and wears a cuirass of blue and gold with the Sigil of Golden Tooth at it's center. A greatsword is sheathed in a large scabbard across his back.

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