Tom Felton
Tom Felton as Tellur Snow
Name: Tellur Snow
Aliases: Fox
Faction: The North
Organization: House Stark
Occupation: Messenger
Rank: Bastard
Age: Aug 25 102 (18)


Tellur is a lean and hungry man of the North, with the unmistakable stamp of the features of that area. His fox-brown hair hangs around his shoulders, often clumped through the efforts of weather and work. Not ill favoured, he is neither particularly attractive - any interest lies in the intensity of his expression, well-emphasised by pale grey eyes and heavy brows. A thin moustache and a light beard are more a sign of days spent on the road than any affectation.

Tellur wears a heavy travel cloak on top of a long belted moss coloured shirt, above brown breeches. While dull in colour, the items are well made enough that he can be no true peasant. A wide metal clasp in the shape of two horses keeps his cloak pinned across his breast, and he probably saw a bath at least in the last month. Tellur is frequently accompanied by a raven, which sits on one shoulder, begs shamelessly for treats, and gives a vile eye to anyone present.


For as long as Tellur can remember he has been in loyal service to House Stark. A bastard of the North, Tellur was formally recognised by his young father after some passionate promises to his mother. She was wise to wield them sensibly and manged to get themselves sent away to the household of Stark and added to the servants of the household. Tellur himself has always been grateful for the secure position afforded to his mother, and the opportunities presented.

Always fond of animals, both as companions and prey, Tellur at an early age became an assistant in the stables, where counsel by his mother had him applying himself and securing a role breaking horses. It kept him out of trouble with those who might find his bastardry good reason for mockery, and allowed him to secure skills.

As a young man, Tellur made Carolis' acquaintance, and managed to make enough of a friendship to get taught his letters by the young lord. In exchange, he was able to give Carolis experiences and gifts, such as hunting deer at breakneck speed or helping him pick the best of a litter of wolfhounds. Tellur did not inherit his mother's adroit social skills, and was pleased enough to be a court trainer of messenger ravens and hunting horses.

While they were adolescents, Tellur and Carolis had a severe falling out, culminating in a brawl and whipping for insolence. After that, the stableman became taciturn and withdrawn, and spent most of his time with his beasts. The last year, he spent perfecting the training of some of the House Stark ravens, and working as a messenger for his betters.

Recently, he was been sent after Carolis to give the young nobleman messages and provide him with a messenger in return. While Tellur's loyalty to the House is certain, the man himself seems tightlipped and any humour tends towards the dry and complex.

RP Hooks

  • Horse whisperer - Tellur is astonishingly good at training horses, hunting birds, hounds, and many other animals. A modern trainer might say he uses the operant conditioning method, Tellur just calls it 'regular bribes'.
  • Hair Trigger Temper - Tellur gets angry easily, and tends to act like an angry dog. When he ends up in brawls, he is quite happy to bite people.
  • Occasional brilliance - Not the smartest of people, Tellur often has a gift for saying the right thing at the right time.


  • Internal Compass
  • Bastard Born
  • Beastfriend
  • Wealth: Middle Class
  • Taciturn
  • Keen Sense: Smell

IC Events

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